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  1. I agree with MacJunky - the MP110 doesn't need a dongle - just connect using a standard Mac printer cable into whatever port on the Mac you are not using already (printer/modem).


    If you are using the 6500, check out http://www.unna.org/view.php?/apple/connection_utils/ForMac for the connection software (and the rest of the site for other Newton software).


    Hope you get it working!

    Thanks so much. You guys are great!


    Now I've just got to find my Appletalk/Printer cable.


    So this will work on a USB Mac with a dongle, and OS X can be made to work as well. I like the sound of that. Cool Beans.

  2. Yeah, I know the feeling about not having space. I don't actually have most of those anymore, because of that reason. I did have them all at the same time, for about a year.


    For the most part, I was only hanging onto them for compatibility with some old software I had collected with them. Currently the only 1 I know I have, is an old 6500/250 tower, and the B&W G3. It was a sad day when I got rid of the AppleIIgs.


    I had setup my old 7200 using the Microsoft Personal Web Server control panel for my local nework. One of these days I will definitely have to set it back up again.


    Yes, you must now destroy all PCs in your house in the most gruesome manner possible. AND you must provide us photo evidence of said destruction!


    Kill the DOS cards too. Or just give them to me. :p




    I'm not sure I can do that. First I'll have to track down where I put the DOS cards. As for my PC, well it runs Linux, and looks like a Mac.

  3. <|



    Hey guys. I'm a 23 year old computer software aficionado. I'm especially interested in software for older platforms. Not so much the hardware.


    Before I get started, does anybody else like the IE5.5 interface on the Mac? After having used that ugly Internet Explorer interface on Windows, using the Mac version was a breath of fresh air.


    I actually have been running a Mac since sometime in the late 90s, when I aquired a used 7200/75mhz PowerMac, with System 7.5.2. Which I ran along side several old Pentiums, and an e-Machine. After having mastered Windows 3.11, and the Windows 98, it was nice to have something different to try.


    One of the first things I did was to snatch up an "Appearance Extension", and load it up. All too often I would ease up on the mouse button, and open up a program I had not intended to. Or worse, sent something to the trash. Eventually I loaded OS 8.0 on it, SimCity Classic, and Tie Fighter.


    Since that time, I've had the opportunity to use a wide variety of Macs while working at my Family's computer business. We would buy auctioned PCs, and we would refurbish them. I would handle the Macs. Because of which, I first became the Mac guy, then the Linux guy...


    Those Macs Include,...


    Several Apple ][s.

    - Apple ][e

    - Apple ][gs (Loved using the retro Finder disk)

    - MacIIxi (System 6)


    Several Quadra AVs.

    - Quadra 840 AV (Nice system, sharp edges)

    - Quadra 640 (Actually, I don't remember. Looks the same. Hated its small size.)


    Several LCs

    - LC B&W. (Used it for a couple of days.)

    - LC III

    - LC 5200/75 AIO


    Several PowerMacs

    - PowerMac 6100/66 (with DOS card)

    - PowerMac 7200/75 (My first Mac, which I no longer have...)

    - PowerMac 4400/200 (One of my Favorites)

    - PowerMac 6500/250 (Still got it.)


    Finally, Several G3s.

    - PowerMac G3 Desktop

    - Beige Tower

    - Blueberry iMac & a Graphite one.

    - Blue & White G3 (looks green?)

    --- 400mhz, 400+mb of RAM, DVD-ROM, 20gb HDD, MacOS 9.2/OSX 10.2.6. (My current Mac.)


    I need to find my old Apple][GS.

  4. I've got an old Newton Message Pad 110. Model# H0059.

    I don't have any of the cable that go with it. However, it did function when I originally got it.


    Anyway, how would I go about connecting this thing to a B&W G3 with OS 9.x, and OSX 10.2.6?


    I also have an old PowerMac 6500/250 that I can piece back together, which has AppleTalk ports.

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