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  1. ag ska ha mer PB Duo delar

    Har inte hittat dom ännu


    Är det just 280C 0 PB100 du är intresserad av!
    Har flera PB 1x00 Tex PB150/160/170/180


    Har vad jag vet bara fungerande Portable

    imgen extra nät del

    Anders Sthlm


    Hittade min PB 100

    Men den ville inte starta

    1. likanen


      Tack för uppdateringen.  Har du 45W nät del för ibook G3, 1400 eller mikrofon, skärm låsa detektor för Duo. För vilka Duo har du skärmar för? 

      Vad skulle det kosta att ha det PB100, Duo delar och 45W del (om det finns) inkl. skickning till Helsingfors, Finland?

    2. AndersSthlm


      Hej har till iBook G3

      Tror det fanns både YoYo laddaren o den fyrkantiga vita / Avlånga Svarta

      Kommer inte ihåg vilken AcAdapter 1400 har men har troligen

      Har sett 250:- som pris


      Microfoner har jag både den gammla runda (Grå) o PlainTalk (Grå o Genomskinlig)
      Beg eller i Kartong


      lite rörigt i förrådet

      Men just nu har jag:

      PB Duo 210 Komplett o fungerande

      PB Duo 230 Saknas någon del Men okey

      PB Duo 270c Komplett o fungerande

      (Men Iallafall skärmen är kanske såld)
      PB Duo 280 Troligen Gråskala

      Fungerade Men sist ville den inte startade

      ”Skärm låsa detektor för Duo”

      Har du en bild på den från kanske ItFixIt


      PB100 är komplett Men vill inte starta



      Om jag inte fått något bud, som jag har tyckt vara bra

      Har jag satt ut det på Tradera

      T ex om du tycker  AcAdaptern är värd 125:-
      Så har jag satt ut den till det priset på Tradera, om den intresserade har lovat att bjuda

      Då har Tradera fått avgöra vad den är värd


      Nu har jag tagit en paus på Tradera på 1-3 veckor

      Fortsätt gärna på E-Mail 



      Ha det


      Frakt Troligen billigast

      Postpaket via Skicka Direkt
      Hittade bara för 5Kg 280skr o 10Kg 390skr
      Men finns även mindre



  2. Ok, I think for PB100 one needs to use SSD adapter as the native adapter (or two side clips) are side mounted.
  3. Does someone have a 3D model for scsi2sd PowerBook edition adapter to 2.5” frame?
  4. If I only had one Anyways I found the problem (I had accidental dropped solder on a memory chip, it is visible on the logic board picture above) and the computer now boots to a flashing disk screen. The HD is marked as bad, and it didn't do much than whining when attempted to start it up. Regarding the PSU there is a long thread from 2011 to 2013 discussing about it. I know the thread is old and more knowledge has been gathered, should one use 2/3A PSU or no?
  5. Hmm, did some trials and it seems that the computer starts up (almost) every time if I plug in the battery first. It doesn’t boot up with charger only (I guess this is expected) and I need to RESET + NMI it to get it to boot if I plug in the battery after the charger. So... most probably it works from power mgmt perspective and the sad Mac is because of a bad trace etc.
  6. Hi, I would appreciate some guidance... I recapped "recently" (like year ago or so) acquired M5120 and plugged it in for the first time. I got a chime and a sad mac. While trying to make it easy to access the board while powering it, it did a smoke on pin 10 on J22 (yes, it is a ground pin but the Portable case is conductive, so it touched something else where). Anyways, searched through the forum found out that pin 3 on Q4 should give you ~5.2V. I get 5.15V sometimes (usually after a small break without a charger and with a charger from PB 165c, 3A) and I can get it to
  7. Please find attached some more pictures. The power supply is with AT connector and has been attached to the Lisa monitor power in. Then Lisa’s video / logic board connector is sliced and a regular Mac compact connector has been connected to it. I know nothing about Lisa connectors so my assumptions might be totally wrong. That scsi cable is interesting. There is no scsi in 512K so it might be this has been used as test bed for fixing compact logic boards. Does someone know what is that stick with three wires?
  8. I will. There are 4 other compact macs and various analog and logic boards so I’ll try to sort them out first. That stacked memory logic board just stroke as was it couldn’t fit a compact case so asked the guy how he had been running it.
  9. The board is 512K but here is the photo.
  10. Sorry to revive this 5 years later but I obtained a similar 128K board with a stack of ram. The lot also included empty Lisa case with non-standard PSU in which the board had been. The seller had modified the board and Lisa by himself (afaik) and he used to work at it department of a local university. I haven’t tried it out but if there are some questions you’d like to ask, I can reach out to him.
  11. Finally, I can report a success (I hate when people don't finish a topic they started, if it got resolved or not). Sound and ? floppy. The sound problems I was able to find a potential cause from here: And it was indeed a broken data line to ASC (among many others ). Funny that the trace looks fine (no black rot) but doesn't work between the UJ11 and the first test point. I even removed the (previously replaced) caps C9 & C10 to check the trace underneath. For me, the most surprising thing was, that once audio started to work, the ? floppy appeared as
  12. Thank you @Bolle, I found UC8 pin 13 not connected. After fixing the A(11) connection the picture looks good (I guess I could have taken A(11) closer to UC8 ). The programmers button still produces same error code (0000000F,00000013), I've lost whatever sound I had (some beeping), and no ? floppy. Further guidance is appreciated.
  13. Thanks! Is there a chart where each should be connected or how should I test the lines? I tried searching the forums earlier but I couldn't find a chart.
  14. Spent couple of hours cleaning the board even more, adding jump wire for C6, found that trace between circled leg and and its other end is broken, jumped it. Anyways, no change in out come except some attempts to play something from audio but it also fainted away after few resets. I also realised I get sad Mac if I press the programmers button.
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