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  1. Yeah it does. And that's what I would expect to happen. It just always says yes
  2. I could of really used this back when I had a Mac Iivx with a missing PRAM battery as it had the full 72MB of RAM. but that Mac is gone and my quadra 660av is 32-bit only. I assume if I try it anyways, it will always report 32-bit mode?!
  3. Hello All, just as the title says I'm missing the screw posts for the quadra 660av's RGB/DB15 port. I have currently some "replacement" ones in it now that are not the same exact ones Apple used. if I use a 13" Apple performa plus CRT monitor on it. it is fine. But if I use my new mac to vga adapter (with dip switches on it) once I connect a monitor on it-it will say no signal and go to sleep. if I push the adapter up and hold it with my hand it gets signal. I let go it loses signal. I can screw in the adapter just fine and it stays in place of the macs video port. but, i
  4. Found a post on this site from a couple of years ago to try NEC speedycd. And it WORKS. Cds mount in mac os 8.1! Still will only boot from my system 7.5.3 cd, though but this works well enough. Thanks to all that helped! Happy vintage Mac-ing to everyone
  5. I still couldn't get it to boot is 8.1 so I wound up using toast in system 7 to make a cd image of mac os 8.1. mounted that and did a clean install. It's now running mac os 8.1 I am very surprised that every game and application I've tried runs faster or significantly faster-at the expense of being more RAM hungry (I will dig up sticks to get it past 16mb) I'm still having the cd drive spins up but refuses to mount issue I tried FWB cd toolkit bit it yells and says it doesn't support my cd drive. It is a NEC cd-3010A Is there a application out there that can get this cd drive to sta
  6. I wanted to test out mac OS 8.0 on a different sd card and I can't get my mac to boot from a 8.0 cd! I can hear the cd spin up the light blink a couple of times but it just sits at blinking ?. I downloaded the ISO from winworld. Then, I saw there is a floppy version so I thought I can use disk 1 as a boot floppy and then use that to bootstrap the mac and load the installer. But nope! I put in disk 1 it reads it I get smiling mac for a second or 2 and then the floppy drive automatically ejects the disk! I know the drive and disk work I used it in system 7. Why does my mac act like it's incompat
  7. It is. The harddrive is a scsi2SD adapter there is 2 virtual drives on it. Scsi ID 0 and 1. The cd drive is 3. The toast app reads the cd drive itself fine but finder itself does not that's what I don't get
  8. Everything works now! But I have a strange issue with my NEC 40x scsi cd drive. After I successfully used it to install 7.5.3 it won't read any cd. I will put in a disc and the light blinks once and does nothing. Won't even read the 7.5.3 disc anymore! It makes no sense. The scsi ID is set to 3. If I unplug my scsi2SD the mac will eventually spin up the drive and read and boot from it. It's acting like there is a system 7 block going on. The mac ROM boots from cd when my scsi2SD was blank. But it won't mount a cd. However, I noticed that in toast deluxe if I put in a cd I can
  9. Update. I took it to a ebay repair place they are too give it a ultrasonic cleaning and then will recap the motherboard. I have it sent out so fingers crossed I've never done anything like this before
  10. Does anybody have a schematic for this?
  11. When I took out the motherboard I saw those 2 troubleing things. I just got done with cleaning the entire motherboard with rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush. These pictures where taken before the cleaning
  12. It has a brand new 3.6v battery. It's capacitor time. I didn't see any obviously leaking when I checked last night
  13. Disregard my questions on what I said under mac iivx questions because now I have a new issue my quadra stopped chiming. press power button I hear the speaker pop. nothing. the '040 doesnt get hot anymore(to the touch). and it no longer boots from my 7.5.3 CD anymore-I was trying to get the floppy drive going due to it always spinning the drive motor (not the eject) even with no floppy in it. no amount of cleaning in it was making a change. so I gave up on the floppy drive for the time being and then tried the boot from TV option by doing the command option T+V key and I couldn't g
  14. I am trying to use the quadra tv output feature beacuse of the no screw Posts on the video connector. But I pressed the keycombo command option t v. I hear it chime again but I don't see anything on tv no signal. I'm using the yellow rca jack. The cable is known good. The plugs on the motherboard are secure. Does this feature only work inside the OS meaning I won't see smiling mac part
  15. Beachycove, something like that lol. It was actually facebook marketplace where I got the quadra. You're timing is a little off haha I would of checked yours out probably sometime last week. Good news is my quadra does boot and chime and display video and boot from 7.5.3 cd...it just needs loads of TLC
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