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  1. Update. I took it to a ebay repair place they are too give it a ultrasonic cleaning and then will recap the motherboard. I have it sent out so fingers crossed I've never done anything like this before
  2. Does anybody have a schematic for this?
  3. When I took out the motherboard I saw those 2 troubleing things. I just got done with cleaning the entire motherboard with rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush. These pictures where taken before the cleaning
  4. It has a brand new 3.6v battery. It's capacitor time. I didn't see any obviously leaking when I checked last night
  5. Disregard my questions on what I said under mac iivx questions because now I have a new issue my quadra stopped chiming. press power button I hear the speaker pop. nothing. the '040 doesnt get hot anymore(to the touch). and it no longer boots from my 7.5.3 CD anymore-I was trying to get the floppy drive going due to it always spinning the drive motor (not the eject) even with no floppy in it. no amount of cleaning in it was making a change. so I gave up on the floppy drive for the time being and then tried the boot from TV option by doing the command option T+V key and I couldn't g
  6. I am trying to use the quadra tv output feature beacuse of the no screw Posts on the video connector. But I pressed the keycombo command option t v. I hear it chime again but I don't see anything on tv no signal. I'm using the yellow rca jack. The cable is known good. The plugs on the motherboard are secure. Does this feature only work inside the OS meaning I won't see smiling mac part
  7. Beachycove, something like that lol. It was actually facebook marketplace where I got the quadra. You're timing is a little off haha I would of checked yours out probably sometime last week. Good news is my quadra does boot and chime and display video and boot from 7.5.3 cd...it just needs loads of TLC
  8. And I forgot to mention the most annoying part of this mac...the screw posts for the video port are missing so when I stick my mac to vga adapter in there nothing holds it in and of course my monitor loses video signal until I hold it or get something to hold it in the right spot. I took the posts from a printer port from a asus motherboard I hardly use. The posts don't thread it just spins and spins
  9. Ok, thanks for that. I also noticed that the floppy drive keeps spinning constantly even with no disk in it. I opened up the flap turned in mac and it's spinning away won't stop until I turn it off. I did order a v5.2 scsi2SD adapter last night
  10. OH! and I forgot to mention the floppy drive does nothing. I put a disk in there I don't hear it trying and I cant eject it. even using the pinhole I hear a motor sound but nothing happens. if I take case cover off I can press the button and then it ejects manually OK
  11. well, the Quadra 660av finally showed up. Horrible packing job by seller broken plastic everywhere the HD caddy the floppy drive-the entire "tray" that is underneath the floppy cd and HDD that is loose as well. I saw pictures of the inside before it was shipped and the HDD was properly in its spot. and when I opened it it was laying on top of the CPU... so it was bouncing around like a pinball the whole time it was being shipped! so beyond that couple of things I replaced the non-leaking PRAM battery (said made in 96) with a new one I wasn't getting video signal before I
  12. Yeah I heard you can chip both the iivx and the quadra but since I got the quadra on its way I won't touch the mac ii..my understanding is that while the quadra only has one slot it's a PDS slot right?
  13. Cool. I'll worry about that later. First, the PRAM battery thing. I found one on Amazon but it says it's not rechargeable...does it need to be?
  14. Oh, I'm gonna need a PRAM battery apparently beacuse I read that quadra won't boot with a dead one installed
  15. There is that strange looking aaui port on the back of the quadra so assuming that's where the eithernet adapter goes
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