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  1. Thank you EvilCapitalist So I think that may sum it up You need 7.5.5 or earlier 7.x series OS LC PDS slot and a 68k type mobo Looks like the latest supported may be the 630 family with less than 8MB of ram onboard, anyone want to confirm this?
  2. So you can verify, thru first hand experience, that on OS 7.5.5 that the screen below does not give you this option on a 52/53/62/6300 PPC? Not that I dont believe you but with alot of this information people are accepting just what is out there without actually trying the limits, so Im hopeing that a brave soul will come thru and give these experiments a test.
  3. Thank you both for the responses! According to LowEndMac, the Q630 does support 24 and 32 bit addressing, I believe the original poster of that claim probably got his second hand with 8.0 originally loaded and downgraded it to 7.5.5 http://lowendmac.com/1994/quadra-630/ My original thought was that if the PPC models with the LC PDS could support this OS version, to check to see if it could boot with 24 bit addressing thru the OS and then see if it would allow the card. I would be interested to see if anyone has tried this I would be interested in the results. or Someone else wants to t
  4. Hello, I was looking for some FIRST HAND knowledge on the compatibility of this card. As we all know this is the statement on the card However, completely contradictory to the statement above someone posted this So this shows that the first quote is interrupted wrong. The 630 is just not officially supported but will work in the right environment. What the Apple iie card needs to work is 24-bit addressing and LC PDS slot (Note: there is no information stating that this card will only operate on a 68K chip, infact the "supported models exclude the 68040 but many instances s
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