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  1. Which computer do you want? And what computer do you want to trade me?
  2. I am trying to disable soundmaster on my se/30, does anyone know how to?
  3. Could you possibly refer me to a person on this forum who does se/30 recaps?
  4. Do you know about how much it will cost me to send my se/30 board to maccaps.com? I have 2 regular macintosh se computers that have never had to be recapped so im just wondering.
  5. You have to buy a special tool that blows really hot air (over 400 degrees f) to desolder them. Im actually just going to send my board to maccaps.com and have him recap it.
  6. I have never done this before, but i have heard of people using hot air to desolder them.
  7. Why would i be better off using tantalums? Just wondering.
  8. Hello i have a macintosh se/30 board that has very low sound, and i need to replace the capacitors. Can i replace all the surface mount capacitors with just normal electrolytic capacitors? -thanks
  9. I opened up the macintosh se to find a 40mb hard drive,and a macintosh se/30 motherboard with 8mb of ram. Luckily though, the battery has not exploded and all the capacitors have not leaked. Although i think i might have to replace all the capacitors because when i start up the machine, the sound works but its really quiet.
  10. I forgot to mention the macintosh se shown in the picture is actually a macintosh se/30, but in a se case.
  11. Just scored an apple iie with 2 monitors and a duodisk, a working macintosh se/30, a nonworking macintosh se (sadly ), an apple 400k external floppy drive, an atari 400, an atari 800xl with 1050 external floppy drive, a tandy color computer model 2,a texas instruments 99/4a, and a commodore 128! I only paid $130 for all of it!!
  12. Yes, i have experience taking these apart and working on them, as i own a macintosh se, 2 apple iic's, and a powerbook 150.
  13. I forgot to mention that one of the se's was an se/30. Also, i have a macintosh se right now that is all fixed up. I have been working with these macs for about a year now. Here is some pictures of the computers im getting. 1475617189644.jpg 1475617340748.jpg 2016082295180711.jpg
  14. I just found 2 macintosh se's, and an apple iie with 2 monitors and floppy drive on craigslist. The macintosh se computers dont have an operating system installed, but i have the disks. He wants $100 for all of this, is this a good deal?
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