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  1. Every time I try to boot from my LC 520's internal SCSI hard drive bay, it hangs. My external SCSI drive never fails to fully boot, however. I have also swapped the drives and the same thing happens, so I'm led to believe it's the internal hard drive bay itself. All pins are intact, unbent and clean. I have tested both drives on numerous other systems, both 68k and PowerPC, and they work fine every time. Can this be a logic board issue? I've never heard of the internal bay not working while the external does, especially if they're on the same bus. Could it be a capacitor issue? They are long o
  2. The only card in the system is the Rage 128 AGP card that it came with. From what I can tell, nothing is waking the computer. It's remaining in sleep mode until I wake it, and it wakes normally. No indication pointing towards periodically waking. On the page you linked, there are 2 pastes and an adhesive pad. Which one would you recommend? Again, I'd need it to dry quickly so it doesn't fall off when I close the case.
  3. It's too hot to keep my hand on it while in sleep mode. I've already reset everything and replaced the PRAM battery, which is something I always do whenever I obtain a new old Mac. It looks as if the machine is going into sleep mode like it's supposed to, as the power LED does its usual slow flash. The fans do as they're meant to do while the machine is running and cool everything properly, and I can put my hand on the chipset heatsink in question without it being uncomfortable, but said fans always turn off during sleep mode and it seems as if that one chip continues to run for so
  4. Is it normal for my Dual 500 Gigabit Ethernet to get really hot during sleep mode? Specifically, the chip on the board with the tiny passive heatsink and the power supply. If it is normal, is it still bad for my PowerMac?
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