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  1. There's not much in one. 2 switches, a fan, 2 sets of outlets and some wires connecting those
  2. For DOS, Pascal & CP/M. I believe it preceded ProDOS.
  3. The Saturn and clones will work the same but other manufacturers may be a little different
  4. Most likely it's a Saturn 128k card. You can check online to see if pictures of it match your card. The manual and software for the Saturn cards are available online
  5. If you're running system 7 or 7.1, I think Apple File Exchange was an optional install
  6. I got a little curious and got out my watt meter. With a 2009 Mac Mini and a 110 watt power supply I watched while the Mini booted. It was mostly a lot lower but there were some peaks at 40 watts. While running it varied from 14 to 30 watts depending on what I was doing. I thought that maybe playing a DVD would pull more but that was only 22 watts.
  7. I have an intel and a G4 Mac Mini that I only pull out occasionally but for the last few years I've only used a 110w power supply with both.
  8. Another option is an ide to CF adapter. I've been running a G4 MDD off one for a few years.
  9. I see the connector pinout everywhere but can't seem to find an ADB mouse wiring diagram. For any ADB mouse
  10. The 1982 is the copyright date, yours was made in the 39th week of 1984
  11. This may help https://www.applefritter.com/content/and-floppy-disk-replacement
  12. I'd have to look for them to be sure but that looks like what I recall seeing on a couple of IIgs.
  13. The conversion circuit board pictured is from a mouse with 1 screw holding it together. I poped open the half dozen I had handy and found 2 different circuit boards. Neither was the one pictured. Have more in storage but don't really have time to look for them ightnow
  14. The G3 is an unsupported Mac with 10.5 but lots of people have run it on B&Ws.
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