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  1. No, you can remove one key switch at a time. Once you desolder a key switch, take the cap off then at the top squeeze the two latches in and pull up. I usually use a pair of needle nose pliers
  2. Sometimes pressing a key repeated a lot (50 or more times) will restore function. The key switches do come apart so you could desolder them, remove and disassemble them
  3. Not really your situation but a few years ago I tried some SSDs in a G4 with a Sonnet SATA card. I tried an Intel and one I don't recall the name of right now. They worked for a day or two before the G4 would no longer see them. I'd have to reformat and reinstall the software, then they'd be good for a day or two again.. The one that did work flawlessly was a Samsung. I installed the Intel one in a Macbook where it worked without issue. Since then they've changed drive models so this may not apply anymore.
  4. Pulled apart a Vulcan and they are 220uF 16v
  5. I have a Vulcan power supply that’s been modified and I’d like to put it back to original. Two capacitors have a different uF and 3 are missing. At the right back are the 3 missing axial capacitors. On my good power supplies I can see that they are 220 uF but I can’t see the voltage without removing the board from the case. Does anyone happen to know this voltage?
  6. I believe he meant you can use 128mb disks in 230mb drives, 230mb disks in 640mb drives and so forth.
  7. While I can’t guarantee it, I think it’s extremely unlikely that you’d damage the G3. I was thinking about the fact that I’d never tried a G4 in a Beige G3. The beige G3 is handy, the Yikes G4 is handy, lets give it a try. Did it and the Beige “G4” booted up. System profiler recognizes that there’s now a G4 processor in it. Unfortunately the G4 ZIF has to go back to the Yikes.
  8. The one use of an Apple card I've been considering if I can ever find the time is this one https://www.apple2pl.us/ Looks like an interesting project
  9. I haven't tried a G4 ZIF in a Beige G3 but I am using a 350mhz one from a B&W, slightly overclocked to 366mhz. I've read lots of postings from people using a G4 from a Yikes in their beige G3 but I haven't had a spare CPU and I haven't wanted to bother pulling one out of a Yikes just to try it out. I'd probably test the ZIFs in the Beige G3 as it'd be a little faster than with the carrier. I wouldn't bother changing the jumpers for the test as I'd be looking to see if they work and underclocking isn't harmfull.
  10. One other possible factor is that the worst memory card for the IIgs is the Apple one. They're readily available and probably cost more to fix than replacing. A dying IIgs memory card is often viewed as a good opportunity to upgrade.
  11. I think that’s a misprint. The link at the bottom of the Gazelle section takes you to another part of their site where they say 128mb. The only way I know to get more than 128mb on a 5500 is to fill in the empty RAM area on the bottom of the motherboard. That’ll take you to 136mb total.
  12. I’ll agree with the incompatibility idea. About 3 years ago I tried an Intel ssd with a PPC Mac. The install went fine but after a couple of boots it seemed to lose it’s formatting. Reformatted and did another install and on the second boot, the same thing happened. I installed it in an Intel Mac and it’s still working fine today. I tried a Samsung in the PPC Mac and it worked and kept working. I wouldn’t take that as an endorsement of current Samsung drives for this use as the model numbers have changed since.
  13. There's not much in one. 2 switches, a fan, 2 sets of outlets and some wires connecting those
  14. For DOS, Pascal & CP/M. I believe it preceded ProDOS.
  15. The Saturn and clones will work the same but other manufacturers may be a little different
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