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  1. I agree, use the custom ROM images if you don't like the check on boot. Though like I said in my auction...I do notice that the size of the boot simm is a little smaller than it should be, so it doesn't make a good grip on the socket sometimes. I use a rubber band on mine.
  2. Thanks for all the kind words everyone. @Arisoturaif you are interested in RAM I'm always here or on Ebay. I do sell them cheaper here than on Ebay as well. Basically take 15% off the Ebay listing.
  3. Hah no problem, whatever you feel safest with That's one fine looking IIFX!
  4. Doing a special promotion, if you buy a 128MB set, I'll throw in 4 new sockets for the ram (until supplies last).
  5. The caps will def need to be changed on both the power supply and the computer itself. That could be the problem in itself.
  6. Have also put it on ebay, but I'd rather sell it here since Ebay has raised their fees yet again.
  7. Good to go! I will start PMing people that were interested.
  8. They have been shipped to me, should be here in a few days.
  9. Noted, like I said, should be available middleish of August
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