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  1. Here's a test result using 4 different CPU combinations (G3 and 604e, including a dual 604e) showing that the G3 is faster on these specific photoshop actions as well as a Macbench test http://www.barefeats.com/Photo.html
  2. I did the Cmd-Opt-P-R reset. I kept hold holding down the 4 keys until it cycled through 3 times. I wonder if you should pull the battery off the logic board overnight and then put it back in. Pull the power as well.
  3. OK, I pulled out the 9600 after a year of it sitting under a desk. I'd forgotten how big and how heavy the beast was. My 9600 has the original video card and Mac Radeon 7000 with DVI/VGA/S-Video. Plugged in USB mouse and attached it to Samsung LCD via VGA.It powered up fine, chimed, and SCSI drives spun up correctly. Screen flickered. But... no video. I kid you not. Now I'm pissed off. Since I couldn't remember which video card was for the start up monitor I tried all combinations of adapters (Mac DB-15 -> VGA, DVI->VGA). The it dawned on me. The Samsung is a widescreen display.
  4. I am going to pull out my 9600 tomorrow and try a few things to see if I can help out a bit further with this problem
  5. Its not clear to me if you've installed the - original CPU - original hard drive or small capacity SCSI on the SCSI-1 chain in the bare system. I'm also not clear if you've actually tried to boot from the internal CD-ROM drive using an OS 9 CD-ROM I'm also trying to remember if your Mac Radeon card required any extensions to be installed Have you tried SCSI disk mode from your 3400 to the 9600? This is making me want to pull out my 9600
  6. Edit: Here's the info from Wacom. "A. The Wacom Serial tablets can be used with a Serial to USB adapter in operating systems up to 9.2.2. Wacom has tested the Keyspan (www.keyspan.com) Serial to USB adapter. If you have a Macintosh tablet with an ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) interface (the tablet model number will end in "A"), the iMate USB to ADB adapter from Griffin Techonlogy (www.griffintechnology.com) will work to adapt the tablet to USB. . NOTE: OSX requires a USB tablet. ADB and serial models will not work in OSX.
  7. Also, if you are using AAs in the battery tray, make sure to give it some time. You may need to slide the on/off switch a few times before it kicks in. Use new batteries, too.
  8. You asked what a 512k/800 was... its really a 512ke. I gave the background on the computer specifically the 800K drive (hence the /800 in the title). Since the ke came out after the Plus, it must have also come with the Plus style keyboard
  9. If you look at photo DSC_0029 you can see the serial number and the model number M0001D (which is the EDU 512ke). The 512ke was introduced in April 1986 and came with a 800K floppy drive standard (according to Mactracker) and was discontinued in Sept. 1987. The Plus was introduced in Jan. 1986 so there was an almost a 1.5 year overlap hence the 800K drives in the 512ke
  10. Do you have the drives set up as Master (primary) and Slave? Or Cable Select on both drives?Do you have any other devices (e.g.CD-ROM) on the ATA 66 and ATA 100 buses?
  11. Yes, there are 2 different cartridges. One style cartridge holds the larger capacity black ink tank. A different cartridge holds a small capacity black ink tank and a small capacity colour ink tank. You can still pick up both cartridges as these are the same tanks as those used in the Canon BJC-70, BJC-80, and BJC-85
  12. Skip the Duos. The keyboards are horrible and you will go insane tracking down all of the different docks that you will want to use:) Trust me on this. The Duos do have a bit of an advantage when you want to add ethernet as there are micro-docks that will let you do this My vote is for the 170. Great screen (active matrix) and keyboard
  13. I've never experienced this problem. Have you tried using one of the OS X native apps to do your synching with?
  14. Big, heavy, loud, and very fast. Mine has the localtalk and sheet feed option as well. I haven't used it in a while but I do remember preferring the print quality from the LQ versus the IW II. I do have extra ribbons sealed in their original plastic wrap
  15. Congrats on getting a 2100. You're really going to enjoy using one. I think that the only thing that you are missing is a keyboard.
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