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  1. If by that you mean a jumper covering the "Term Power" pins, then yeah. If not...then no, I don't have a hard drive in this system yet or any kind of internal 50pin SCSI terminator. I couldn't get it to even TRY to boot off a CD so I got tired of it and mothballed it until I decide I want to work on it again.
  2. Okay, I've tried the Apple drive jumpered as close as I can be to the original drive and either I'm still wrong or the drive just doesn't work because it won't read discs either.
  3. Nah, it's a NEC drive! I have an Apple 8x drive that I'll try out first, but if that doesn't work either I have to go shopping.
  4. Sure, first I need to fix the whole "non-working CD-ROM drive" issue I've got going on though.
  5. Hmm, that's a bit disappointing but understandable.
  6. I have a Power Computing PowerCenter 150, and I also have an Apple 200MHz 604e CPU card. Could I put the 200MHz card in the PowerCenter, or does it require only PowerComputing CPU cards for some reason? And if it can accept an Apple CPU card, can you freely upgrade from 604 to 604e or am I stuck with only regular 604 cards?
  7. I might still have a spare from a parts G3 desktop I used to have, if your floppy drive truly is broken.
  8. Well see, slotload, that's your problem. I've had in my possession three trayloaders, so far. Would like to get a Lime or Grape trayloader honestly.
  9. I hear this and yet every G3 iMac that I've decided to plug in and power on, even the one with a hole in the rear shell that let surface rust form on the internal shielding, has worked. Maybe the conditions here are just more favorable to CRTs because I've honestly never encountered a dead CRT at all that didn't have obvious physical damage (broken off end of neck tube, broken off neck tube entirely, internal CRT damage, etc)
  10. I have 16 in mine because I couldn't find anyone selling more than 16MB at the time...I'd really like to go up to 32MB so I'd feel confident running a later version of System 7 than the current System 7.1.1 I installed.
  11. Somehow, despite being shipped by FedEx in a crappy box with only packing peanuts to protect it, my Dell XPS 720 (a 50+ pound behemoth) arrived intact and working. I was genuinely stunned, I thought for sure given how flimsy the box looked that I'd have a box of mangled aluminum.
  12. I remember my Color Classic came in basically a giant ball of bubble wrap. Not a single crack. Clearly that's the way to go.
  13. I have 16MB currently as well and I'd love to double it to 32MB or even more.
  14. $35 is a great deal for an eMac, they're getting pretty uncommon.
  15. I have lots of Laserdiscs, but that's mostly because they're relatively scarce around here so I just buy up every one I see.
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