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  1. Sounds like "Braaaeeeyyyyy" I am not too sure - as I cannot remember other sounds - Ive had too many macintoshes. Cheers AP
  2. I have one of those cards in my LC475. Its not 100mhz as this one above I have identified its 66mhz 601, which whatever the clock chip is at, it'll double of actual speed. ie. 25mhz 040-double it will become 50mhz. It is rare find, Ive had this card in 475 and 575, I do not have 575 body at the moment so its sitting 475 board - handy to have! also I love the startup chord as well. Cheers AP
  3. I have not found an solution - in these days now I rarely connect SCSI2SD with PowerBook 550c as I'll use ethernet from the server if i need some files. Cheers AP
  4. I have this Quadra 840av board, it isn't working at this stage and I noticed two capacitors are missing on the bottom of the board suspected rough handling. On the underside on the battery end side; C399 C397 Really keen to fix this board up. Does anyone know what voltage/value they would be? Cheers AP
  5. Looking forward to it! Cheers AP
  6. Do you have soldering flux? And clean it up with IPA, That'll help. It might be ok/not damaged - flux will help to clean it up, and maybe a small drill bit to hand drill it out. Cheers AP
  7. Has the logicboard been recapped? Cheers AP
  8. Never mind - its working now... Disconnected the batteries - both of them let it rest then put it back in and it powered up! Don't know why and how...! Cheers AP
  9. Afternoon all, I have this Backlit Macintosh Portable, it has been recapped professionally 2 years ago, and it was working 100%, 2 months ago when I last used it (removed the battery before I put it away) and this weekend I thought I'd have a play with, it won't fire up at all - not even chime or any display etc - just dead as. The battery is working in other Portable, there is power going to it. (I also have non-backlit portable that is working 100% as well) Where shall I start to get it powered up? Cheers AP
  10. G'day all, I have two PowerBook G4 1.67ghz 17" DLSD Laptops. One of the 17" battery is no good/has less than 2 mins of charge left on it and other one has good charge. Saw the prices online of what is available and its too expensive. I was wondering if anyone has any success re-celling those? Cheers AP
  11. The prices has definitely gone up since I last bought it.. See link; https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/HOT-SD-Micro-sd-Memory-Card-to-2-5-44pin-IDE-Adapter-Reader-For-Laptop/281569695767?hash=item418edc9817:g:BNsAAOSwbqpT10Z8 Cheers AP
  12. The first upgrade I would get 44pin to SD adapter for what its worth. 8.6 you might find it sluggish - My 1400/166 is on 8.1 and its comfortable, but 3400/240 is on 8.6 its perfect. Cheers AP
  13. The non DOS Compatible board has missing components on the board - I can show you the difference if you like. Cheers AP
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