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  1. Well done and documented! Are you planning to change the axial caps on MB as well? Could they be related to the ROM issues? Wouldn't you happen to have the capacitor list for the PSU close at hand? The labels on the filter caps have been peeled off in mine.
  2. Nice stuff! I bought an adapter to go with a SCSI2SD 5.1 (works better than 5.0 since it supports software termination). I also design this mount:
  3. I installed 2x4 a couple of days ago, and I must say it sure feels a bit weird running this many applications simultaneously, without hitting the ceiling, but very sweet too! Thank you @hyperneogeo ! (Oh, and sorry for using eBay.)
  4. Its about time I get a v6 to throw at the hammer! Thank you for the benchmarks, and good set-up btw. Nice yellow handles on that bubble-wrapped Q700!
  5. Very thorough! I’ve used the Jackhammer together with SCSI2SD v5.1 in a Quadra 950, but didn’t feel I gained anything with the settings I used compared to the built-in bus. How did you configure the Jackhammer?
  6. Well, it functions in the sense that the monitor pivots and the image goes from horizontal to vertical at the flip of the wrist. However, the problem I’m having is taking the darn thing apart. So far, I haven’t found any service document at all. I’ll keep looking. Thank you!
  7. Hello, Yesterday I got hold of a Radius PrecisionColor Pivot 0356. The monitor seems to be in working condition; however, the physical pivoting function is very stale. I thought I peek inside to see if I can clean and lubricate all the moving parts, but the problem is that I can’t find a suitable guide for taking the thing apart. I’m used to opening Apple monitors and Sony TV-sets, but this one has me puzzled, and some of the screws on the roundabout won’t come out at all, they merely twist indefinitely. Any help truly appreciated.
  8. Thanks! Have you started the drilling as of yet? Which wall of the old unit will carry the ATX? Maybe it’s obvious once I start gutting the Bicker? The standoffs look proper, will they be part of the finished kit? Sorry about all the questions, I’m getting ahead of my self. Each day my old PSU is getting one step closer to death.
  9. How did the smoke test go? My Bicker-630 arrived today! Talk about heavy duty PSU. I can’t wait to get started.
  10. I can only imagine the satisfaction when you heard that first boot chime. I have my bicker 630 ordered now, can’t wait to put it good use. Good work!
  11. While I’m trying to find a decent 3D printer, that is not too expensive for the Q950 Nubus Slot; I thought I share my Macintosh Portable SCSI2SD Mount. Since I find myself taking the MP apart, a lot, I wanted something that could be self mounting without the use of too many screws, just like the original parts. It also had to have a deeper bay, since the SCSI-adapter is quite tall. The result worked out neat, I think. With the new mount in place (last image) together with @maceffects new 8 MB memory card (designed by @techknight), it starting to look good enough inside for a c
  12. Well, pretty close, I’d say. But since I’m a type design buff, I choose a more optical way to centre the triangular reset legend. I hope no one minds.
  13. I found another couple of reference images for the legend. Here’s the latest iteration together with a .STL (no guarantees). MacII_Reset-Interrupt_Switch_815-6024-200921.stl.zip
  14. I couldn’t find the II switch in the other thread either. Right now, I’m almost done with the first iteration, @jessenator do you have a picture of the flipside? Just want to make sure I get the reset/interrupt pictogram/legends correctly aligned. Here’s the work in progress. (I’ll post a .STL as soon as have everything in place).
  15. Thank you @jessenator! I’m on it.
  16. I’m not sure, but if someone has a couple of pictures, maybe I could combine them with the SE button to make II version. Nice! Is Tinkercad any good?
  17. I don’t know what’s best, but I certainly wouldn‘t mind. I have tried it with an end table that I was planning to make out of Valchromat. It uses both dovetails and mortises.
  18. Sounds safe. I have an unrelated Issue with a refurbished IIsi PSU -- the fast 3.15A 250V fuse I switched to keeps failing. I was thinking of switching to a slow one just to rule things out.
  19. Really nice! What type of fuse are you using? Fast or slow? And also what is the value?
  20. Congratulations on finding your dream machine! I don’t know exactly what part we’re talking about, but if I had one I think I would be able to make one. Until that day I’m not much of help I’m afraid.
  21. Well, right now I’m working on the aforementioned Quadra 9X0 Nubus slot cover and bezel, a light pipe for II, IIx or IIfx, and a SCSI2SD 5.1 mount for a Mac Portable. Then I would like to find/make a programmer switch for a II, IIx or IIfx.
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