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    There's a variety of different Powerbook AC adapters that all use that modified RCA plug, so don't make the assumption that it'll work just because it fits - check the voltage/amperage! The Pismo (or at least mine) runs on 24v, 1.875a. Anyway, congratulations! The Pismo is a very nice machine, though I think of it as more an OS9 system than an OSX one (then again, I've never used any OSX other than 10.4, so I'm not sure that 10.0 won't perform better on a G3.)
  2. Yeah, these are great machines. Mine's a perfect no-distractions laptop for my writing, but to be honest if I were more of an OSX fan I could probably use it as a daily driver and only ever have trouble with streaming video.
  3. That's a modern, specifized definition of the term "VRAM," though. Dual-ported memory for video didn't become standard until much, much later on; heck, even getting dual-ported palette memory is a nice feature on, say, ISA VGA cards.
  4. Yeah, the 99xx VDPs after the 9918 are all-round pretty decent. The only irritating thing about them on the MSX is the whole access via dedicated I/O ports, but in a homebrew system with more than 64KB address space, it would be pretty doable to simply map VRAM right into main memory; then you'd really be set.
  5. Yeah, that's something I'm beginning to grasp. Incredibly frustrating. And you're right, the Raspberry Pi foundation is better than most, I just wish they could take it the rest of the way...
  6. Linux is more rotund than robust, if you get my drift. And I completely sympathize on the complexities of what are ostensibly hobbyist systems - I'm exceedingly frustrated by how long the Raspberry Pi foundation is taking to get the rest of the hardware documentation out (I know, I know, it wasn't initially intended for the tinkerer market, but the hobbyists were a huge part of the initial funding, and it'd be nice if there was a little more respect for that.) I haven't taken an in-depth look at the PandaBoard or BeagleBoard systems and the extent to which they're documented, but they might be
  7. An FPGA could certainly work, if you know how to create hardware from programmable logic or are inclined to learn. A second CPU could also work, but is kind of a waste of resources. If you really want to roll your own video card, then I'd say you're more than likely going to have to adjust your expectations down from the SVGA world. You can get some decent oldschool video generators in parts form (the TMS9918 VDP is a fairly capable little NTSC chip, and if you get the 9938 instead you even get expanded capabilities and RGB output instead of composite.) Or you could get really hardcore and bui
  8. Bus bandwidth would only come into it if the video generator was pulling its framebuffer from system memory over the expansion bus, which I've never, ever seen. A Nubus video card would almost certainly have its own memory, and onboard video wouldn't pull it over the Nubus. And MacOS certainly doesn't rewrite the whole framebuffer every refresh - most games don't even do that. Also, trying to generate video with a CPU (which, if I read your post correctly, is what you're doing) is a much heavier affair than using a proper video generator IC. You can pretty much do video generation with a D
  9. There's always YouTube and BitTorrent Keep circulating the tapes!
  10. Ah, but is it Trace Beaulieu Crow, or Bill Corbett Crow?
  11. Why exactly is that, anyway? Is it a firmware issue, or a lack of driver support in OS9?
  12. Leaving it unplugged (and I left it sit for like an hour) didn't seem to address the issue either.
  13. The firmware's up to date. I tried unplugging the PRAM battery, leaving it sit, plugging it back in, and then doing the NVRAM reset from Open Firmware; no dice.
  14. Since I got my Pismo working again, I've wanted to start putting it to more use, especially in a travel context (thanks to the two battery bays - why don't more laptops have this option?) But I've discovered something aggravating: with OS 9.2.x installed, it won't come back from sleep mode. It just sits there at the blank half-tone screen indefinitely; no disk activity, no nothing. It won't respond to the three-finger salute, I have to power it off by holding down the power button. I know it's not a hardware thing, because I tested it during the reinstall phase with 9.0, and it worked just
  15. I didn't know that was a thing, hmm. I might just try that.
  16. I recently got my Pismo up and running again; the issue turned out to be a fried CPU card, and I got a replacement on the cheap. Unfortunately, the new card is a 400MHz G3, as opposed to the 500MHz I had in there before. That's a bit of a problem as I found 10.4 to be only just tolerable on the 500MHz card, and I don't expect it's going to be particularly nice at 80% speed. At the moment, I've just put OS9 on it, which is really all I need (the machine is only intended as a secondary writing laptop.) The downside is that OS9 never got support for WPA/WPA2 wireless encryption...I could, I suppo
  17. It doesn't rotate the full 360° to begin with, so unless you broke it loose, that wouldn't be an issue.
  18. As ClassicHasClass says, you can't beat the MDDs for an OS9/OSX combo machine, but man, it's a computer that looks like Luxo, Jr. What's not to love about that?
  19. So I just pulled my 1GHz TiBook out of the closet for the first time in a while, only to find that it's now forgetting the date & time and leaving the L3 cache disabled on every boot. Sounds like a dead PRAM battery to me, so I'd like to replace it. Problem is, as far as I can tell, replacement TiBook batteries start at $30 and go up from there, as compared to $3-8 for CMOS batteries on PC laptops - yargh! What I'm wondering is if there's any reason I can't use a cheaper CMOS battery with a similar connector. From the replacement guide on iFixit, it looks like it has a three-pin plug with
  20. Yeah, YouView or MacsTube will significantly improve video performance over Flash video players on the G4. Still, there's only so much you can manage on a 167MHz FSB.
  21. Huh, really. Guess I got lucky, both orders I've had from them have been no trouble at all...
  22. Ugh, badly-described eBay items are the worst. I learned the hard way to never bid on anything without a part number I could check on Google... For what it's worth, MemoryTen has SIMMS in a variety of sizes neatly categorized by compatible system, including the SE/30, for about a dollar a megabyte. Not ultra-cheap, but pretty manageable.
  23. Yeah, the Quad is noisy, unfortunately...part of the reason I ultimately didn't hang onto mine.
  24. Here's a bit of a puzzler. Somehow or other, Terminal on a Tiger install has gotten it into its head that it should be running ELinks every time a new terminal window is opened. I'm a bit baffled by this; I have no idea how it happened, and nothing seems to be obviously out of place. Nothing in /etc/profile seems suspicious, I have no .bash_profile file in my home directory, and Terminal's own settings say it's set to run /bin/bash with no arguments on startup. (Manually running /bin/bash with the "New Command" option gives the same result.) Any idea what in the world is up with this?
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