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  1. Yeah...I actually had a switchable adapter, and I swear I still have it, but it naturally went missing the minute I picked up the Performa...
  2. Yes, so I gather. I'd just like to be able to switch it into modes I know my monitor supports even if the Mac doesn't, but for some reason the drop-down box only has "recommended modes" in it and not "all modes."
  3. Interesting information, but I'm betting it's just a serial cable with both 9- and 25-pin connectors on one end. They're pretty common.
  4. Only a 68020? I thought Photoshop 4 was the last 68k version...
  5. For the record, the answer is "not that much, really." I did have to turn Javascript off, but it was on account of Netscape 3 barfing out JS "syntax errors" at me (presumably on account of modern language extensions? I dunno.) Performance-wise, it was fine and is finer - though redraw is a bit juddery. Currently posting from OS8
  6. Additionally, while I'm not sure how much Javascript there is on this forum (I'm sure I'll find out, once I get my Performa 631CD online,) modern JS tends to be a huge boat-anchor for older computers when using a browser that supports Javascript but doesn't have a whitelist.
  7. commodorejohn


    I have a spare ROM, if you don't find one closer.
  8. Still just one file, my friend. It would begin to compare with Unix/Linux if you had to chase includes through half a dozen scripts in different directories with the aid of only a man page that was last updated in 1997 and a handful of forum threads from 2001... Gorgonops: Programming Language Sommelier.
  9. True enough, I suppose, but to be honest I've never encountered a Unix feature that I haven't seen implemented more simply and elegantly elsewhere (if not in DOS specifically.) Indeed. But VMS has been pretty good to me thus far, though I admit I haven't gotten terribly in-depth with it.
  10. I'm just sayin', I've never gotten a headache from spending hours wrist-deep in nested configuration scripts and digging through enormous reference manuals trying to sort out some inscrutable problem with DOS.
  11. Fun stuff! I love old DOS PCs of the 386/486 era - home to some of the best games the PC ever saw, and for all the headaches with ISA and jumpers and whatnot, DOS managed to bring a flexible but simple minimalist approach to operating systems far better than Unix ever did. Love the sound of the old OPL2/3 FM sound cards, as well...
  12. According to EveryMac, it's 1MB VRAM, non-upgradable, for the onboard video - room enough for two full 800x600 8-bit framebuffers. I'd expect the issue lies more with me using a VGA monitor + adapter and the Mac having no idea what modes are supported, but if it would just let me select the all-supported-modes list instead of the recommended, it wouldn't be an issue...
  13. Well, an LC PDS Ethernet card was about the same price, came with a driver disk, and openly claims compatibility (so I can complain if it doesn't work,) so I went with that. Since there seems to be only one LC PDS video card that's even accelerated (the Envisio Quick16,) and I can't find one listed for sale, it shouldn't be an issue. Speaking of video, is there a way to force MacOS 8.1 to allow me to switch to higher resolutions? This model is listed as being able to do up to 832x624 in 8-bit color, but the Monitors control panel won't let me select anything above 640x480...
  14. Well, yeah, the printer port will work for one, but as I said, I've got two that I'd like to use. But as long as it doesn't disable the modem port, that shouldn't be an issue. LowEndMac says the PDS slot is an extension of the LC PDS slot, so if that's true I could just get an LC ethernet adapter...
  15. Got this baby for free at the recycle center along with a very nice Extended Keyboard II (for which I need to get an ADB cable - I swear I already had one!) The case is rather battered (the bezel's coming apart,) but it boots and runs just fine. Already got 8.1 on it, and it runs nicely. It has its annoying aspects (dog-slow early IDE in particular,) but for free I'm not complaining, and it'll go a little ways towards filling the Quadra-shaped hole in my life until I finally have both the spare change and the opportunity to grab an 840AV I'm curious, though - obviously I'm not going to ge
  16. You can swing YouTube at 360 or possibly even 480 on a 1.67GHz AlBook if you use one of the dedicated player programs rather than Flash. Combine that with TenFourFox (and NoScript, ideally) and it's quite usable for a lot of things.
  17. I actually just ran across a CED player and a handful of discs in a pawn shop yesterday. Woulda bought it, but I already have enough crap in my house...
  18. Awesome I nabbed one of these at a thrift store years ago, and it's been a fun format to explore...you just can't beat the cool factor of a CD the size of an LP!
  19. However the A3640 isn't a particularly good option, as it has no slots for fast RAM, leaving the CPU stuck with the slower RAM on the motherboard. If this unit came with one, so much the better, but don't go out of your way to hunt one down; there are much better accelerators available.
  20. Congratulations! As has been said, you'll probably have an easier time getting adapters and using PS/2 keyboards/mice, but pretty much any VGA monitor will do ya.
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