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  1. Woohoo - it's fixed! I ended up getting a single-use tube of silver conductive epoxy from Amazon. Cleaned out the hole a bit and glued the pin in place. Everything is working now. Thanks for the help, guys.
  2. Okay, from doing a search it looks like folks have fixed this sort of thing with conductive epoxy. I think I've got some lying around from a repair a few years back: will try it and report back.
  3. Well, problem found. One of the pins at the back of the CRT yoke is broken. I missed this when I was looking at it. The pin came off with the yoke connector. It's busted off a millimeter or two into the glass: I can press it into place, but obviously it's not making a good connection. Suggestions for fixing this? Use some flux and hope it wicks the solder down into the hole, or try something like conductive epoxy?
  4. Well shoot, that's easier than sourcing a new board. Thanks. If anyone has any other ideas, keep 'em coming.
  5. So I'm trying to get an old SE/30 running and I'm having strange trouble with the CRT. When the computer first turns on, the screen is super bright and washed out. Then after about a minute it dims to normal, but it continues dimming to the point where after about three minutes it's completely black. Figured it was likely a bad analog board, so I swapped in a new one. Same problem. Anyone seen this before and have any suggestions? I don't think this could be caused by the motherboard. I did not replace the little board at the back end of the CRT: could that be it, or is the CRT j
  6. Well, I didn't say it *all* looked like trash. It's more that the trash:treasure ratio was high It's definitely hit-or-miss with old Mac stuff. This time it was hit: BMOW didn't mention this, but he also got an ImageWriter II for 75 cents. Last time the only Apple thing we saw was a somewhat tired Apple IIc, which was complete but also priced at $600. I risk sounding like an old man, but it definitely used to be cooler and have better stuff fifteen years ago. That said, it's still definitely one of those things you should go to at least once if you live in Silicon Valley, if o
  7. Hi guys, I'm the friend with the other board. Yeah, after I got it home I realized that all the RAM chips have very obviously been resoldered. I assume the daughtercard is there to address the additional RAM. The chip is a TI and says 535XI and SN74ALS253N There's also a very small two-pin IC next to it with Z(2)104Z5. I've got a 512K in the closet but haven't tested the board yet.
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