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  1. Mostly to make them appear newer (fake mfg dates are frequently used) or even NOS. These rebrands have the Freescale logo on them, despite the fact they're likely pre-Freescale chips. I too have heard it is to defraud second and third world countries dependent on Chinese supply chains for old equipment they need to keep running, for scientific or military use. Though for parts that only really retrocomputer enthusiasts would want, say old C64 SID chips, they could just be honest and say they're old, pulled chips. Most of the prices are low enough that being honest wouldn'
  2. The full SeriTek ROM will do Classic Mac OS, so 9.2.2 and lower. That does require a bigger ROM to be installed, which also has to be a specific EEPROM as the SeriTek firmware does check the manufacturer of the chip against a whitelist, probably as some rudimentary form of copy protection. The cutdown, smaller Wiebetech ROM is OS X only and will not do Mac OS Classic, full stop.
  3. There is work being done on an ATTiny85 based drop-in replacement, by fellow member @quorten. You can read about it here.
  4. You could also try dual booting OS 8.6 and OS 9.2, and just try both, switching between the two. That should give you some more flexibility, and potentially allow you to figure out which one appeals the most on the Bondi.
  5. Is there any chance you could share the STL? I'm now the owner of a Cube that also has an entirely weak optical drive, and would love to have printed one as well to be able to swap it out entirely.
  6. Ah. I personally wouldn't use DD on Windows, due to the fact it's not a "native" utility for that OS, unlike on Unix and Linux based operating systems.
  7. This is on OS X/macOS, right? The output should be set to the disk, not the volume. Run diskutil list to see what /dev/disk# is the SD card (# would be the appropriate number), run diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk#, then run the DD command with of=/dev/rdisk# bs=1M. That should work.
  8. That indicates to me at least that hardware wise the sound is working. The brief pops/crackles when OS 9 is loading extensions is normal, every Mac will do that (my iMac G3 Flower Power does it too, even out of external speakers). I believe that's the OS initializing the sound system.
  9. I wouldn't do this. Parallel DB25 cables tend to have the GND lines connected together, while having a different pinout from DB25 SCSI. It wouldn't work, and has the potential to do damage if voltages are sent where they shouldn't!
  10. The NES was the same boxy console as the North American market got, yes.
  11. I think that's actually a PAL SNES, ours didn't change the look of the console from the Super Fami, thankfully!
  12. Thanks! I'll probably slowly buy up enough to replace the flyback of each iMac, with maybe a spare or two. With my plan for extra cooling, I should be able to get maximum life out of the new ones, if there's space for a small fan somewhere near the flyback. Though I would only replace the originals if they start having issues. Guess I will have to start taking each apart for an inspection of what flyback transformer they've got. I will definitely share some pics once my collection's complete! I've currently got a decent condition Grape (bit yellowed on the gray inner plastics and m
  13. This is a very useful thread! I'm currently in the process of collecting all the Trayloaders, and while I initially set out to just fully recap/restore them in one go, that total cap price certainly has given me some hesitation. Do you happen to have a capacitor list somewhere for these systems? Also, could you share your source for new flybacks? I want to at least stock up on a good few of those. I'm personally trying to see if smaller fans could be placed discreetly in the CRT area, to aid airflow, as well as potentially upgrading the original fan, to try and keep the FBT as cool as possible
  14. I've had the Flower Power out of the power most nights, as it has a slight high pitch coil whine when it's off which my younger ears still pick up, and it's just on my annoyance threshold. So it's been off for several days during the night and most of the day, and it still turns on first try when reconnecting it to power. Pretty positive result so far!
  15. I should clarify that it feels relatively slow for an 040 Mac. I've never used an LC III so I can't comment on which one would be/feel faster. But I do think you could probably get a better 68k Mac, either '030 or (LC)040, for the same price as an accelerator would cost, if not less. I got lucky in that the card came with a €30 Mac, I wouldn't have spent the average price on one of these cards with the intention of putting it in my Performa 600.
  16. The battery cover does come off on the PowerBook 100 batteries, so a different battery case shouldn't be visible as long as you transfer the battery cover to the new battery.
  17. That new battery project will likely have its own new battery case though.
  18. Can confirm, I had a Performa 600 (basically the inbetween model, it has the faster CPU clockspeed of the IIvx, but the lack of cache of the IIvi), that wasn't working due to really leaky caps. It was still relatively fresh (visibly wet and no corrosion), but enough to stop it working (likely the EGRET got shorted out). A recap is necessary in the short term. This is not entirely true. The Sonnet Presto 040 that was a surprise in my P600 will work on other Macs like the IIci, IIcx, IIsi, etc., though some of these Macs need an adapter. The IIvx/IIvi/Performa 600 line is g
  19. What do you mean by "beige crusties"? If it's dots of hard material, that's glue used in the manufacturing process to hold components on the board ahead of wave soldering.
  20. Here to report that my Flower Power has managed to revive itself too! Just the day I got a nicer condition, working Blueberry to fix up the Flower Power, someone in a chatroom asked me to take a video of what the FP was doing as his was having similar issues. I had left it plugged in on and off for several days, with no effect, but of course the moment the camera was rolling and I hit the power switch... it chimed and went right into its OS X Tiger install. What is causing this?!
  21. In hindsight, my Google game is a bit weak, everything I looked for regarding "StNic" or "ST-NIC" pointed to Asanté, but apparently it's because they made a NuBus card dubbed that, after the chipset. There is also a Dayna "StNic" card, but not for the SE. Though the silkscreen font on this card does look like what Dayna used.
  22. It's an Asanté card. You can get various versions of their Ethertalk driver and utility suite here. It should be able to detect and install the right drivers for your card. It mentions System 6 support as well.
  23. Yes, it does, though its standard plug doesn't fit these PowerBooks. I use a PS1 adapter with a different plug spliced into the cable, and it works fine to power my PowerBook 140 without issue.
  24. Yes, the Wiebetech works with the smaller ROM, and shouldn't have an EEPROM check like the SeriTek ROM (the SeriTek ROM checks what manufacturer of EEPROM is used, if it's not on its internal list it will not work). Given Taddy is using OS X 10.2, judging by the Darwin Kernel version reported by the KP log, it should just work, as the Wiebetech ROM works with 10.2 and up. So that's why I suspect something else is wrong with it. These are cheaply manufactured cards after all, a QC slip up wouldn't surprise me.
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