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  1. That's frequently the case on keyboards with PBT keycaps, the spacebar will still be the prone-to-yellowing ABS. Cheaper keyboards often just had all caps be ABS, though, like the AppleDesign keyboard.
  2. Does it make any sort of popping noise when trying to power it up? My Flower Power did nothing but that at most. But recently this trick got my machine going again: I had to leave my Flower Power on outlet power for quite a while, but it did eventually spring back to life, and has yet to fail since. I'd say, give it a shot, yours might come back too.
  3. Would it be too self-promotey to suggest my own site? http://techandmusic.nl was designed specifically with 68k and PowerPC Macs in mind.
  4. Recently I've picked up a Performa 6400, a 200MHz model with maxed out RAM, cache, and the AV/TV option. Obviously, the analog TV part of it has become entirely useless, unless I were to mess around with getting an analog TV signal going around the house. However, I've been wondering, can the TV tuner card be used for FM radio reception? This would be fun to tinker with, but I cannot seem to figure out if the 6400's TV tuner card is capable of it. A service manual seemed to imply it does, but I've tried the Apple FM Radio extension and app, which tells me an FM radio device isn't i
  5. Don't forget, it has internal SCSI as well. The Plus can be modded as such, but the SE is definitely easier to internally mount a SCSI2SD/MacSCSI/BlueSCSI/etc.
  6. There is barely any need for fresh Plus, 512K(e) or 128K boards. Those had the battery in a separate compartment attached to the analog board, thus battery corrosion practically never reaches the logic board. That, coupled with the axial through hole capacitors that are not known for leaking, means most of those boards are just fine, all these decades later. Unlike the SE, SE/30 and Classics, which have the battery on the board, which is prone to completely exploding all over the surrounding area with corrosive fluid.
  7. @joshc On my Q610, U46 is a NatSemi/Fairchild MM74HC 132M.
  8. This is indeed the same as the Sonnet Presto 040. Not sure what the story is, I'm guessing DDG designed it and Sonnet licensed/bought the design from them. For what it's worth, mine's currently at @Bolle in the hopes of getting it to work in an SE/30, but I'm more than fine if it's used for IIfx accelerator research, if it's non-destructive.
  9. If your Windows PC has a floppy drive, go ahead and download RawWrite, and use it to write floppy disk images to physical disks. As long as they're 1.44MB disk images like .img or .dsk, it should work. 800k images won't work though (but you don't really need them for your machine anyways). I've used this plenty in the past with good results.
  10. The Performa 635CD uses ADB peripherals, so you're good there. Power is just a standard IEC cable, everyone has a box of those, right? :P Not to be an alarmist, but I do see a Maxell bomb that hasn't detonated in the picture of the back of the machine with the panel removed. Let's hope it doesn't decide to pop during shipment. When you get this machine, the absolute first thing you should do is remove the backpanel (carefully unlatch it), pull out the logic board (it's in an edge connector, you can just carefully but firmly pull it out), and immediately remove that Maxell before i
  11. That is a discontinued product, though the files are available to DIY a few kits.
  12. Absolutely. White and beige just make it more obvious, but other shades of plastic can yellow too. My SGI O2 has mostly turned a greener shade from its original blue due to yellowing for instance. That keyboard has definitely yellowed some.
  13. The Quadra 800 is missing a PRAM battery, and I hadn't plugged it into power until after installing the card. It had been sitting for over a month untouched and out of power, so I would assume it was cleared. Thanks both for your insights, but I'm afraid there's something more wrong with this card, I decided to check the tantalum capacitors for shorts, and all of the big ones register as shorted. Desoldered the lot (all the same value anyways), but nope, the short is still there. After already running into this same problem with my Quadra 700 logic board which I still haven't manag
  14. I recently picked up a RasterOps 24XLTV card with its original box. I've been trying to get it to work, but have had no luck. On the IIcx I recently got, it doesn't do anything, and makes the monochrome card output garbage. Now, I bought this IIcx as broken, and this behavior was described by the seller, but it worked for me first try... until I tried the RasterOps card. I left it for a while as I just figured the IIcx with its original caps might be causing the problem, but this evening I pulled out my known good Quadra 800 to test with it. While onboard video keeps work
  15. I believe Matias Store sells ALPS stabilizers and clips that would fit the AEKII (no affiliation): https://matias.store/products/stabilizer-and-hook-set
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