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  1. Sadly I can't help, but I do hope you find a solution. I picked up a Flower Power over the weekend which has the same problem, splitsecond of HV and speaker popping when trying to power on. I'm going to get a donor machine at some point anyways, probably a generic color like Graphite or Blueberry, to fix this one up (front is yellowed so I need better plastics as well), but I'd still like to keep the original PAV as a spare if it can be revived.
  2. Does it have a functional PRAM battery? I have a few Macs like my Quadra 800 that will exhibit the double chime behavior as you described when no PRAM battery is installed.
  3. There's nothing wrong with working on a far gone Mac if it allows you to hone your skills. Rather make a mistake and learn from it on a totalled board than on an actual board repair!
  4. SD cards really aren't meant for boot disks. Sustained writes is where they really struggle, and they're not as reliable in the long term as a real SSD like an mSATA or M.2 SATA SSD. CFs are generally better than SDs, but much more expensive per GB as compared to SATA SSDs, while not being as fast as them. So going SATA SSD through an IDE converter, either mSATA or M.2 SATA, would be the best all-round option IMO.
  5. There's smaller SSDs that can be adapted to IDE, though. mSATA used to be a popular option for converting to IDE, and Chinese companies made 2.5" sized converters that would fit in place of a spinner that would take one of those mSATA SSDs. mSATA's gone the way of the dodo in favour of M.2, which can either use the SATA protocol, or connect to a computer's PCI Express bus. The SATA variants can be adapted to IDE in similar fashion, such as seen here: https://www.finnie.org/2017/08/05/m2-sata-ssds-on-mac-mini-g4s/ I wouldn't bother with IDE hard drives anymore, at least not buying o
  6. The old V5 2.5" is out of stock, as it's been replaced with the V5.5 2.5". It's a bit confusing as both are still listed in the store, despite the fact the old one's probably never coming back.
  7. Before jumping to the analog board, has the logic board been recapped? Has it been inspected for potential damage from cap leakage? Traces can be damaged, as well as some of the 74 logic chips which are part of the video generation circuitry. Is the CRT totally off, or does turning up the brightness show you some sign that it's on? These old guides are going off problems owners might have faced back in the day, when the caps weren't leaking yet. All, and I mean all SE/30s need to be recapped, and no video is a sign of cap leakage related failure.
  8. It does, when you manually do it from Open Firmware. Which is exactly what that Stack Exchange post details.
  9. These are pretty generic. I have one sold under another brand, but it's identical. They work fine in my experience.
  10. Is there a functional PRAM battery installed? I'm not sure if this model needs one, but it is a 601 and I do know the earlier 601 PowerMacs absolutely need one to output video on a cold boot. Another way to try is to reset the machine after the first chime, or turn it off and on quickly after the chime. If you do get video that way, that would confirm a PRAM battery is necessary.
  11. The connector is attached to the yoke, if you swap the yokes across the two tubes this should no longer be an issue.
  12. The inner beige frames on these "second gen" iMac G3s are made of the same terrible plastics most 90s beige Mac casings were made of. So ironically, the computers touted to not be beige, still had some of it hidden under its colorful facade. Anyways, I don't know if you can find just that piece. I fear that even if you do, the replacement you'd get would break during shipping as well.
  13. I also find that 6100, 7100 and 8100 boards from Japan need recapping, way more than those kept in most Western countries. The boards I see on Yahoo Auctions and such are often pooled with capacitor leakage, as did both an 8100 board and 6100 AV card that I got from YA through Buyee as well. I'm guessing climate differences might affect the severity of capacitor leakage as well.
  14. You need to swap the yokes between the two tubes.
  15. Well, it's in Euros, so it'd be the equivalent of about $360 US. Frankly, a bloody rip off, though I might be a bit biased as I paid far less for my SE/30s, which were non-functional too (one still needs to be fixed, the other is fixed). I'd still balk at €150 for a non-functional one.
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