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  1. You may also try a soft-face hammer or "deadblow" hammer. (And before anyone asks, yes, I'm serious.) I used one on my old PB160 when I first got it (after trying the flexing and prying tricks previously mentioned) and found, a tap at the appropriate angle, with "just" the right amount of force, will loosen a stuck battery. Just be careful - blunt objects and computer equipment don't mix.
  2. That would be cool! As much as I abso-fargin'-lutely LOOOOVE Acuity (thanks Alk!), it's nice to have an alternate!
  3. My favourite 68K Mac is and always will be my late, lamented LC475. It was my first. Mac, that is. (My favourite 68K machine, however, is still my Amiga 2000 ]'> )
  4. Let me know if you find a PPC death-ray. I could have used one for my 5300 during an attempted mugging a few years ago. Powerbook + skull = ouch
  5. I thought the cage only worked in the left battery slot..? Having four PCMCIA slots would be cool... imagine 3 x 4Gb+ compactflash cards and a wifi card..?
  6. That's essentially why I canned my 540c project Believe it or not, it has been superseded by my Powerbook 5300 project...
  7. Hate to be an opportunist, but this thread has inspired me to post my rev C PCMCIA module for sale. http://68kmla.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=34482#34482 I'm likely never going to finish my PB540 project, so hopefully someone can give it a good home
  8. Cool site! And speaking of which, have any of you heard of this? I'm thinking of building one myself when I have a bit of time (early next year) http://home.hetnet.nl/~weeren001/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minimig
  9. No, I answered it elsewhere (sorry, slow day at work)
  10. Damn! Sorry Bunsen, I wish I'd seen this thread earlier as I have a spare 400MHz Lombard logic board w/DVD decoder that you could have had for next to nothing...
  11. *sigh* I've just posted my closing thoughts... ]'>
  12. That'll be my entry for next year's Retrochallenge: Retro-spyware! Better avoid them gopher holes, kids!
  13. HEY! bigD! Still using my ol' Powerbook 170, eh? How's she holding up?
  14. Why not? I used to use an Amiga 500 to do just that
  15. That's cool! Reminds me of my good ol' Commodore CDTV!
  16. I was going to use my LC475 exclusively for a month to do EVERYTHING I normally do (graphic design, website redesign, editing my blog on blogspot, household finances, grab pics from my ancient Kodak digital camera, internet stuff) but its logic board recently died. Now, I'm not so sure. I'll figure something out soon...
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