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  1. Nope - salary and commission. As my commission alone funds my hobbies, I have a vested interest in doing well ;P
  2. A number of people I've talked to seem to prefer Warp 3 over other versions. It runs like a top on my 486 DX2/66! For performance sake though, I'm gonna install Warp 4 on a spare Pentium 166MMX I have in the lab...
  3. I've recently availed myself a sealed copy of OS/2 Warp 4! Woohoo! I'm hoping to find the time (in a month or so) to install it on one of my machines here!
  4. Well, as I've had absolutely no time to even start any of my projects (thanks to my day job), and having been told I need to put together a fairly substantial presentation for a business meeting next week, I'm afraid my Retrochallenge is over before it even began! Good luck to the rest of ya, and have fun!
  5. Yeah, it's an expensive hobby My Amiga upgrades before and during the Winter Warmup were nearly a grand... What can I say, a fool and his money are soon popular The Remem rocks, I've been debating getting one myself. Wasn't someone also working on an update to the rampak (irampak or something) or was that superceded by the Remem...? I really should sort through my inbox - there are a few thousand Club 100 list messages i haven't read yet !
  6. Nah, not really interested anymore. Thanks anyway, though! I'm scaling back my computer hobbies - I just took stock of all the "retro" computer hardware I've bought in the last year or so, and it easily topped $6000 I've decided to save for a condo instead.
  7. How much do they usually go for? Usually, they go for some ungodly amount. The last one I saw went up to $200 before I stopped watching. It's insane...
  8. Hey! I'm using one too! What am I? Chopped liver? ]'> Anyhow, I've been after a Disk/Video interface for my M100 for ages - they occasionally pop up on eBay but I keep getting outbid Next to the Rampac, it's the ultimate Model 100/102 addon!
  9. The 5300 also makes a good bludgeon, as I once demonstrated to a would-be mugger. Had I been carrying my Powerbook 160 instead of the 5300, he would probably be dead (sharp corners on the PB160!!)
  10. For the record - The 400MHz SunPCi card will not work under Solaris 10. Many have tried, all have failed. it'll work without a hitch under Solaris 8, but you'll need to rename a couple of files and create a couple of symbolic links to get it to work under Solaris 9. (Coincidentally, I'm installing Solaris 9 on my Ultra 5 this afternoon!)
  11. Hmmm... maybe I'll dig out my copy of Allwrite! for my Model 4p and join in the fun!
  12. Heh, just sent you my entry form!
  13. Wow... and to think I scored my Duo 210 free, for helping my neighbour shovel his sidewalk!
  14. Well, I've been thinking about it, and I think I'll make a go of it, using my trip as a bit of "added challenge"... especially when writing a daily blog. I could make do with my wireless-enabled Powerbook 5300, but as she was my "main machine" for a couple of years earlier in the decade, it'd be waaay too easy to do what I want. Hmmm... the real trick will be finding a suitable (portable) machine that will present somewhat of a challenge and not be awkward to carry with me on the plane(s). This is gonna be fun!
  15. Really? I've had no problems with the site using iCab on my 540c or my LC575. It's not the prettiest mind you, but it works.
  16. I may have to sit this year's Retrochallenge out, as I'll be in Edmonton for half of July on business Unless I can find a marginally interesting portable (that isn't a PC, Powerbook, or Tandy Model 100/102), I'm out. Anyone have a Sparcstation Voyager or Sparc-based Tadpole they want to get rid of...?
  17. Really? I was disappointed with it. Mostly because I'd been playing the Amiga version for many years and had VERY high expectations for the Sega CD release.. It's not even the same game, and the music was WAY better on the two-floppy Amiga version. On it's own terms however, it wasn't such a bad game, and one of the few racers on the Sega CD.
  18. I still have my trusty ol' Genesis that we bought the week it was released in Canada... and still play it to this day. Sega made some great consoles in their time, and I only wish they kept at it. My Sega stuff: Genesis x1 (also have Power Base convertor for Master System games) Genesis II x 6 (I bought spares just in case) Mega-Key import adapter Tototek MD-PRO 32M flash cart Sega CD II x 2 32X x 1 Master System x 1 (sports pads, powersticks, light phaser, Segascope 3D glasses, nearly all North American released games) US Saturn model 1 x 1(modded - yes, you CAN mod them.
  19. a couple of years ago, I thought of doing a case mod, or perhaps more appropriately given my lack of skill, a "case-mangling" so I could install a Beige G3 logic board into the 7200 case. I let "Olde Mac Milt" talk me out of it though and ended up buying the 7500 logic board instead... which, incidentally, I still can't find anywhere in the house.
  20. Agreed! I absolutely love the case design... but the main reason I want to keep my 7200 case is because it was my first ever PPC Mac!
  21. A kilometre (give or take) of RJ45 network cables. In 5ft lengths. A similar amount of phone cables for use with the phonenet adapters I'm sure I still have here somewhere. A slot-loading 50-pin SCSI DVDROM drive that I put into an external case and used with my Powerbook 5300 (and later on with my Sparcstations 10, 20, and IPX). An Orange Micro Firewire Cardbus card that actually included the drivers. An original System 7 Japanese Language Support CD.
  22. Thanks, I'm rather excited. It's nice to have a new project - can't wait to max out the RAM, throw in a Radeon 7000, Aria Extreme, and Tempo Trio, then (try to) install Panther. In the grand scheme of things, it's not the most practical use of money, but what the Hell.
  23. Well, not an actual G4 machine per se, but a Sonnet G4-700 PCI accelerator for my 7200. Of course, it won't work until I replace the 7200's logic board with the 7500 logic board I bought a while ago... if I could only remember where I left it.... Still, not bad for $30.
  24. Cool, I've been wanting an X10-controlled home for a while now, just have to get off my lazy behind to do it. (Imagine MacTV's 6100 Media Center project with an X10 interface?)
  25. Cool, a fellow Model T'er! In last year's Retrochallenge, I managed to get "Gibraltar" (my Model 100) to connect with my Sparc IPX at home using a payphone and acoustic couplers at 300 baud... using my Sparc (and cable modem) as a sort-of dialup internet gateway was interesting for a few minutes, anyway. Sure gathered a crowd, too...
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