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  1. Lockups on 5300s never required any fancy add-ons in my experience. Have you tried to duplicate your results, without the MV16-EN on board. I wouldn't be at all surprised if you could, what with the 5300 being the very first PPC implementation in a PB and all.


    Sorry for dredging up a three year old post, but I learned a while ago (by reading the addendum that came with the MV16-EN software update) that the problem involves 5300s with more than 32Mb RAM. The lockup occurs whenever a sound plays when you're using an external monitor. The issue is resolved by replacing a certain resistor on the 5300 logic board, although I don't know anything beyond that.


    My less technical solution was to mute the 5300's audio. Works like a (silent) charm.

  2. Until a few months ago (when we started renovations on the house), I had an old MCA Discovision player. It had come from a local Ford dealer, and it included their promo LD showcasing their new vehicles for the 1983 model year!


    The unit was a huge beige monstrosity made of steel... it weighed about 60lbs (no joke!) and had a rather large remote that weighed about a pound or so.


    I kept it around to watch my Urusei Yatsura and Bubblegum Crisis/Crash LDs.

  3. I enjoyed this one, despite my having all the focus of a shotgun at long range.


    I enjoyed reading the others' blogs (as I always do), and the one that stood out for me was Printstar's boot-sector stuff. I've always been a sucker for a good boot-intro!

  4. And sometimes before the first week is out! :p


    Not this time, though. I've got something in the works (a couple of somethings, really) that I've been meaning to do that'll set the stage for other projects down the road! 8-)

  5. PPC ist verboten, mein freund:


    2. In order to qualify, computer systems must use a pre-pentium processor... in general, this means 486 or below, 680x0 and pretty much everything with an 8-bit processor, but we'll also let you in if you have an old Cray kicking about.
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