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  1. Thanks, but your method doesn't seem to be working. Any other ideas?
  2. Hi! So I recently acquired an Apple Powercd, but it only turned on and didn't spin or register the cd I put into it. So I decided to take it apart and see if something was wrong with the motor. After putting it back together the player still turns on, but now the cd laser won't move and the cd still won't spin. Is there a place that I can send this to get it repaired? or am I in possession of the most expensive paper weight...
  3. Whenever I turn my Macintosh Plus on, the floppy drive constantly whirrs. This was after I used a Q-tip and isopropyl to clean the heads and some dust in the slot. EA0EF24A-F30A-4F9B-9451-C35F9E44EFD7.MOV
  4. Whenever I try to open certain .dsk files on the floppyemu, my Macintosh Plus says that the floppy has to be formatted and gives me the option of eject, one sided, or double sided. I can’t seem to fix this problem or find it anywhere online.
  5. A while back I inherited a Mac Plus from a friend of mine and it came with a Cutting Edge scsi external hard drive. It used to boot up fine, but now it’s rare if it actually does. It lights up green after being turned on and then it starts blinking red constantly.
  6. So I decided to turn on my Newton that I haven’t used in a while, and when I did, half the screen was blue! Any fixes for this?
  7. http://imgur.com/u5UgvXc I assumed a screen repair would fix it but I wanted to look around for a solution first
  8. As the title says, I think my screen is broken. The entire half of the screen (vertically) is blue but the other side is fine. Any fixes?
  9. I turned on the Mac and it showed a black screen. So I'll have to get back to you on that one.
  10. Mac couldn't find suitable hard drive for system 7. Restarted computer and error displayed. Any suggestions?
  11. So I couldn't find any switches inside the hard drive that said terminator power or anything, and the scsi cables I'm using are pretty thick in my opinion. Would replacing the hard drive altogether be an option?
  12. The scsi cables don't have a brand name on them, the passive terminator is connected on the second port on the external hard drive, and trag, I will get back to you once I find out how to open up the external hard drive
  13. So I put in the passive terminator I got in the mail and the hard drive blinks red when I turn it on. The Mac displays the no startup disk error also. Any suggestions?
  14. Heyo! As described in the title, I have come across this error after deciding to install system 7 and leaving shortly after installing. I have a Cutting Edge hard drive and I assume that's the problem. My scsi cable dosent have a terminator (it's coming in the mail) is this part of the problem? Any suggestions or fixes?
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