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  1. @Chad H Welcome to the forums! The Classic is a lovely machine and joyously easy to work. In my (entirely subjective) opinion they are the best-engineered compact Macs purely for their simplicity. There aren't even screws holding the logic board in! From my experience the CRT discharges almost immediately after power-off. I always use a discharge tool as a precaution but have never actually needed it on a Classic. The thing has always been completely drained of charge by the time I get the housing off of it. 48 hours is more than enough time for everything to discharge
  2. Please do. The Mac ROM for the SIL3112 that's floating around does not currently allow booting on Quicksilvers so I'm curious as to what you have! I've tried two different models of card in both revisions of the QS to no avail. I'd love to have a go at tweaking the ROM so it plays nice – a ROM dump from a working card would be fantastic to have.
  3. That would be hugely overkill so I doubt anyone's ever tried it! 68ks don't tend to run very hot at all – a lot of them don't even have heatsinks. Do you have any reason to believe that your CPU is overheating in its current configuration? As long as you have sufficient airflow from the case fan you needn't worry about actively cooling the CPU. A simple heat spreader will suffice. The PSU and flyback transformer are the main heat generators. I'd advise against rigging up temp-controlled fans. It's far better for your hardware to run the fans at a constant speed than to let tempera
  4. I love my Classic just the way it is but still dream of hot-rodding it some day. It seems there were limited upgrade options back in the day so there's a near-zero chance of me stumbling across a working accelerator any time soon. The Classic is severely hampered by its complete lack of expansion slots, of course. Do there exist any modern CPU acceleration options for this Mac? I've been looking at the Amiga side of the 68k pond and wondering what it would take to get one of their fancy 68030/40 adapters running in a Mac. Those rPi CPU emulators are fascinating too. I know it'd be
  5. Is there a way to use PCI graphics cards with the internal screen? I would be extremely interested in that!
  6. An ADC to DVI/HDMI would be a neat little gadget. IIRC the "6" pins on the supplemental power connector are all for the 28V supply and USB is done through unused AGP pins. It's been a while though so that might not be accurate... I'll see if I can find my notes and then report back. As for the prices of such adapters on the current market: supply and demand is just a b*tch sometimes. eBayers will take advantage if they can. Just look at how expensive Griffin iFires are getting. Hundreds of dollars for a 15W amplifier. I figure they're one of those things that people d
  7. It'd be really handy if I could hook my FE up to my Performa 475 externally - has anyone found a way to do this? All the Pizza Performas have is a SCSI port, which I'm assuming would be a challenge to adapt for floppy emu. Were SCSI external floppy drives even ever a thing back in the day? If so, I may set about creating some sort of adapter... I could, of course, just connect the FE internally but that's hardly a practical solution when I want to use this amazing gadget with multiple machines. Do let me know if there's a way to do this! On a related note: was there ev
  8. Good troubleshooting. I'd wager that a recap does the trick. Not all caps fail spectacularly – sometimes they just sort of "boil off" without any noticeable change at all. Then there are the caps that do a perfect job of hiding just how much mess they've made beneath themselves... That was the case with my Classic. Be sure to buy in bulk when ordering caps if you have a lot of Macs that could use recapping! I wish someone had given me a heads up as to just how many 47uF 16V caps there are in Macs of various vintages. Have you recapped any of the other Macs in your coll
  9. Same here. IIRC the lowly Classic isn't powerful enough to go any faster. I'd be interested to hear whether any of the folks with accelerated Classics have been able to get higher speeds.
  10. I used "reballing" to generically refer to the process of soldering lots of tiny points on a chip. It seemed more efficient but was probably a poor choice of words with retrospect. I've dealt with enough TQFP packages to know that mortal hands don't stand a chance.
  11. I feared as much! It'd probably be extremely challenging to get all the parts for this anyway, if it's even possible at all. I wonder if there's a reballing specialist in the UK who'd have a crack at this for you if you could source a new CPU...
  12. That's such a shame! My condolences. I feel like I have to ask: is this something you can see yourself attempting to reverse-engineer? If it's broken anyway... IBM PowerPC 601s come up on ebay UK from time to time. It's possible you could scavenge a working chip from one of those.
  13. I would actually advise you not to mess with the yoke just yet. My Classic's screen was offset in just the same way as yours and I fixed it by loosening the screws that hold the CRT into the frame and adjusting the whole unit. There's no feasible way for the yoke to move out of alignment on its own unless it was put together wrong in the first place or has already been interfered with. If you have recently disassembled the machine for recapping you will have had to remove one of the retaining screws for the CRT in order to remove the analogue board. This is what cause
  14. Crikey, that card looks like a prototype! What a bizarre design. Your Agilent is probably lightyears ahead of my old HP from 1989. I'm just a sucker for green phosphor displays and it does everything I need so why upgrade, eh? Interesting that you were able to grub some ASCII data from it. I wonder if a Raspberry Pi could become some form of translator for the scope readings. I'd love to be able to continuously record data from my scope like that - purely for the jerry-rig kudos!
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