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  1. Found a battery cover for the mac portable on Thingiverse this morning: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4660666
  2. Looks like both have been recapped, because I only see the little ceramic style caps where the silver cans were originally. And I see that both boards are missing the voltage regulator cards. If no one else is interested, I'd be curious what the shipping cost would be. Better to hold onto these boards than send them to the recycler, because in my opinion the beige G3 is the best G3.
  3. I followed this video's suggestion to stick an older card into the late 2005 G5, and it works fine. In Apple system profiler, the card appears under PCI, listed in slot 'GIGE'. Normal PCIe cards are listed in 'SLOT-1', and so on. Edit: not sure why it's in the list twice. Given that this older card works, that means it's not a PCIe bus at least on the wifi side (older cards like this don't offer Bluetooth). No older Apple computers had PCIe. I suppose the slot could be using one of those PCI to PCIe adapters in the chipset it connects to. Edit: b
  4. Thanks for the pictures. Hopefully I can make some progress as time goes on. Actually, the board is small enough that making it isn't expensive. The time consuming part will be tracing it all out and making the board files. Finding the connector will be the next hard part. And if it really is just using USB, then making an adapter board for the slot will be much easier. Mount the USB stick inside the computer instead of outside. Maybe use the built in antennas.
  5. @jeremywork Thanks for your fast response. The camera flash looks like it washed out the traces in a fair few of the pictures. We can try playing with the levels for the darker pictures. It's hard taking pictures of small traces on dark PCBs. If you could run it on a scanner just to see what it looks like, I would very much appreciate it. Edit: And as for 'why not a USB one', my only real response is 'why not remake the original?' USB is a CPU-heavy bus anyway, and being able to use the original data path will save some CPU cycles. And I'd really like to
  6. This is a request for anyone that has a late 2005 G5 with the factory Bluetooth install. Due to the fact that the 'runway' card is basically impossible to find at a reasonable price, I'm looking for high resolution images of both sides of it. This seems like the kind of thing that someone experienced in pcb design should be able to duplicate relatively easily, given that it's just a board with passive components and a connector. Sourcing the connector would be the next hurdle. Any pointers to high quality images of the bare board (without the Bluetooth card
  7. Yes, they do. I also have a 190 (CS) and haven't gotten around to it. The power circuitry under the trackpad needs to be recapped, probably the power adapters, and probably the LCD.
  8. I figure it's better to have one thread for all instead of a thread each. Yesterday I found a Smart and Friendly CD Copy Rocket Mach 12, complete in box! For $25. Imgur link: https://imgur.com/gallery/MwSZ3nq This thing is a monster for its time. 12x SCSI CD burner and 32x SCSI CD reader. Smoking fast. The most interesting thing about this setup is how the duplicator works. It's just two SCSI devices hooked up to the SCSI bus, reader is ID 5 and writer is ID 6. To do the computer-less duplication, you use this little blue plugin which connects to the SCSI bus
  9. I think it's mostly the 'eBay effect' where the seller has to charge more. eBay takes 10% of the final sell price including shipping. So people are incentivized to mega overcharge.
  10. Perhaps not as cool as some of the other conquests here, but I recently bought a PowerBook 190CS 'for parts' from eBay. (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Apple-Macintosh-PowerBook-190cs-Powers-on-Parts-or-Repair/263974755872) Upon receipt of the laptop, I took it apart and what do you know? A 32MB RAM upgrade card! I was expecting none at all, or at most a 4MB one. I suspect that the floppy drive may be bad because it's not reading my boot disks. Need to make another one and see what happens. Anyone remember whether the 190 needs a system enabler? If the floppy d
  11. How long are you waiting to see whether the video out works? My beige g3 will often sit for two or three minutes inexplicably before suddenly the video comes in and the machine boots up. Currently unknown cause. Do you have the power supply jumper on the logic board set to the PC setting?
  12. If you decide that you need to replace the BU406 transistor, I have a few of them left over from repairing an SE/30 with that 'right side of the screen wiggles' issue.
  13. Could reseating the RAM resolve this issue? If full columns are appearing and disappearing, then maybe those pins on the RAM simms are not making full contact?
  14. I recently re-capped a Quadra 610 for a friend, and his board is in way better shape than mine (no damaged traces that I can see). I verified that all of my bodge wires are in the right places by tracing the circuits on that other board. But his has the same issue as mine: chimes of death, even after washing the board and replacing the capacitors. This seems to be a common problem for Quadra 610s. I've been doing a lot of research and have found basically the same theme: Q610 is working fine for a long time, followed by sudden unexpected chimes of death. I think this points t
  15. Thanks. Now I know that C197 and C196 are only connected to the vias on either side of them. Time to do more trace-tracing - my vias there look eaten through. On another kind of interesting note, if I completely remove U46 I still get sound and the chimes of death. I'm wondering what that chip is for. Still haven't found schematics for the 610, and still looking around from time to time.
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