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  1. Hey all, i'm back again! I finally decided to take a look at my SE/30 and clean up some of the corrosion to prepare it for a recapping. That went about as well as I expected, with a chip lifting half off the board because the caps had eaten the legs. Oh well, it's fixable. Then I decided to check out my IIsi, since I had noticed it had some capacitor-related crud on the logic board right before I put it into storage about a year or two ago. I took it back out of storage and it looked normal-ish, and then I poked a capacitor to see how loosely it was attached to the logic board. It in
  2. yikes. I guess the caps were gonna need replacing anyways...?? If it doesn't come apart with the vice strategy, honestly, it's probably going to be a pain and cutting it open might be the best solution to avoid further damage to the internal board. (Although "capacitor juice" is most likely indicative of a goner.) In that case, brittle and dried plastics aren't really going to stop you if you have a nice tool and a steady hand. good luck!
  3. Oooh, another Flower Power joins the armada. My FP is still sitting because the CRT spindler frame is completely wrecked, somehow the BD is completely fine. I think the Blue Dalmatian is slightly less "in your face" than the FP but both are absolutely gorgeous in person. Pics do them no justice.
  4. Oh man, a Varta. Does it still hold a charge? I remember seeing threads on here with Vartas that either held charges or just leaked all over the motherboard. Fortunately they don't seem to explode in the fashion of Maxells as often. Since the space bar seems to be made of the same plastic as the rest of the keyboard, it'll yellow like the rest of the casing rather than the other keys. So far it seems retrobrite techniques using peroxide can deyellow the plastic, there are many videos on youtube showing how to fix it.
  5. What a funny little prototype, HDI ports and all. Would you be able to boot from regular PowerBook HDD, or would some modification be required? I suppose that the stylus likely wouldn't work without the WALT programs on the HDD.
  6. I didn't even notice that the PS4 had a clear shell, probably looks better in person.
  7. Just got an SE/30 today, in okay condition. It has those stupid velcro strips on the front for those "screen protectors".
  8. Yep! That is a Lisa mouse. I was interested in the Ethernet card out of the SE/30...
  9. My iMac G4 still only has 256mb of RAM! It didn't have a SODIMM in it, but it did have an AirPort Express card.
  10. That looks really nice! How much did the Sound Sticks (with sub) cost?
  11. Check out this! It's a Panasonic Let'snote, available only in the Japanese market.
  12. Yeah, I know! It booted fine and everything! Even reminded me that I "didn't shut the Macintosh down" correctly.
  13. I just pulled out my PowerBook 145B and tested the "known-working" battery. It stayed on for about two seconds. But then something extremely horrifying happened. The screen went to a weird flickering black, and a LOUD grinding noise started happening! That lasted until I plugged in the AC adapter again, upon which it restarted with *no issue.* Could it have been the hard drive grinding in indignation?
  14. Nice Clamshell! The Wi-Fi can be a bit of a bummer. The funny thing is, my iMac G4 with AirPort Extreme connects just fine, but the older AirPort card won't work! I've thought of setting up an older router piggybacking off our regular router, so my older machines can connect.
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