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  1. Thanks for looking, Nathan! Anyways, there's two reasons why I'm storing my program on a cassette. One, I'm attempting a little more variety with storing programs. Two, cassettes were a major part of Transformers. So much so, that I made the cassette look like Laserbeak or Buzzsaw. After all, it is a Transformers game that I'm making for the Apple II. It fits the theme perfectly!
  2. The cassette was brand new and sealed until I recently used it for the Apple, and when the game is done I hope to post the audio file online so people can put it on their own cassettes or floppies. Also, that card is in fact a modem card, a Hayes MicroModem IIe to be exact. I might sell it, so if I can, I'll put it up in the Trading Post or eBay. Thanks for your concern on the cassette, and thanks for looking!
  3. You want it, you got it: Here are some more pictures of my Apple IIe find, along with its place at my "computer command center"! Pictures from PA: Pictures of the whole set: Game I'm making in Applesoft BASIC: Some of the floppies
  4. Update: I'm back in Pennsylvania for a little bit, and I visited the antiques store I got the Apple IIe from again. I found some more stuff! This time, I found TWO boxed and packaged Apple Disk II floppy drives (anyone want my old one? It's in excellent shape!), a boxed and packaged Apple Monitor II, and a variety of manuals and paperwork that wasn't found when I got just the computer. Total cost: $25 for those items! Pics can be posted upon request!
  5. Another update - there's a small(-ish) quirk with my Macintosh Portable. Recently, I reassembled the computer after I got the recapped motherboard back some time ago, and fired it up with a fresh battery. And guess what happened? Flashing screen and buzzing hard disk. Again. I just don't know what's up with it. The machine was indeed recapped, but it did the same thing it did in the beginning, this time with loud and crisp sound as a result of the recapping. One work-around to getting it to boot up is to plug the power adapter into the computer before the issue occurs on startup, and then it b
  6. Here's a late update: I got a power cable for the IIe the day after I bought it, and it works like a charm! I was also able to identify the cards inside. There was a 1978 Apple Disk II Controller Card, an Apple Super Serial Card, a Mouse Interface Card and an Applied Engineering RamWorks II 80-column/memory upgrade card. I removed the MicroModem IIe card and jack from the system because it might be unnecessary to me. I also bought a Disk II on eBay, and the drive compliments the system well! Also, I found more floppies in a smaller, yet similar case when I bought the power cable. All of the so
  7. I'm currently in Pennsylvania right now, and I came across something very worthwhile - I went to a vintage computer store today, but I only got an ADB low-power mouse there. Even though there were Macintosh IIs and Apple II Pluses as far as the eye could see, they weren't in good shape and they were kind of pricey. But that's only a taste of what happened. On our way back to the house, we stopped by an antique store we usually visit on these trips to the state, and I found...(drumroll, please) a boxed Apple IIe, with hardware enhancements, a good supply of cards inside, an Apple IIc mouse, an
  8. Guess what guys - an update! I just mailed uniserver the bare motherboard for a nice, good, soothing re-cap! Yes, after all this time, I've done it! But there's a reason why it took half a year to do this. It's because we didn't have the time or money to order uniserver's fantastic service. We've been VERY busy, and had to put the project on the back burner for a while. But recently, I managed to successfully take the Portable apart, (without breaking anything) and remove the motherboard. It's currently on its way to uniserver's workshop, so it should be there by Wednesday. But before I sa
  9. Thanks, Khan. I'll consider seeking a replacement HD after the recap, but there's two main issues with getting it replaced: 1. The exact model of hard disk is very hard to find online. I know there are similar models that will work just fine, though. Problem is, though, they're expensive. 2. The screws holding the hard disk and the bracket together appear to be Torx screws, so it requires a special bit for that. But I think I have the proper Torx bit, so I will remove the bracket and check for liquid on the HD. If there is, I will replace it. If there isn't, I might be in good shape - for now.
  10. Khan, this may be a little confusing, but here's the surprising part: The hard disk isn't dead. It has spun up, functioned and the computer booted off of it several times, but it can be very picky every now and then. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. Before, the computer used to spit nonsense onto the screen and give me random Sad Mac error codes because the hard disk wouldn't cooperate. Now, it doesn't do that anymore. I get the cursor without any issues at all and the hard disk spins up. When it boots up, I get the desktop, but the computer will keep going to sleep every 10 secon
  11. All right, I'll take your advice and have the thing recapped as soon as I can. Wish me luck!
  12. Sorry, but no, I have not yet had a chance to recap the machine between then and now. BUT...it does boot up right away and it boots very quickly, even if I haven't recapped it yet. No Sad Macs on startup anymore. It will even boot from an external SCSI! However, there might be an issue with the software or the battery might need some time to charge, because I get a "no reserve power remains" warning after it boots. Between 1 to 15 seconds or after it loads something, it will go to sleep. When I wake it up, it will do one of two things: It will repeat the previous stated action or it will g
  13. Gave it a little time with the battery, and guess what - the hard disk works again!
  14. Got my new battery today, and I've actually managed to identify the source of the main problem - the hard disk! If I disconnect it from the board, the computer will give me the blinking floppy disk icon without any problems. The disk images I used for the floppies might be damaged, though: They will give me a system error after giving me the desktop and abruptly going to sleep or not boot at all, which is strange. But still, I'm one step closer to fixing this thing! Once I get the spade terminals and wires all ready, I'll be able to properly connect my battery to the computer. However, I may h
  15. The recap service is by "morestuffuniwho," which I can safely guess is Uniserver. Looks like I know who to turn to! Thank you all!
  16. OK, OK. I'll leave it alone. I'll contact the other members like Uniserver to see if a board recap can be done. It may be a while before this happens as I have other stuff planned this weekend. In the meantime, I'll leave the Portable disconnected and not touch it or even power it on until after the job is done. I'll talk to experts on this topic and see what they can do. Another thing is that there is a recapping service on eBay for $75. Which would be the better bet here, eBay or guys on the forum? Any help or advice on this recapping job will be greatly appreciated!
  17. I have yet to do anything, but I'm getting very different symptoms now. I no longer get the glitching screen, I get the mouse cursor and I'm able to move it around, but the hard disk or floppy disk is making these weird noises and the system is not booting. But the severity of the boot sequence appears to have decreased. Is this good or bad?
  18. By the way, I'm sorry if this sounds like something you've all heard before, but I did a LOT of browsing today on this forum trying to find an answer to this unusual and rare event and found nothing. But I hope you all can help me along and bring this beautiful acquisition back to life. Thanks again!
  19. I have indeed read the other Portable threads on here, and I understand that new caps may be needed, but I hoped that the caps aren't dying or dead because I'm not sure if I can do the task myself. But it appears that the caps may be the issue. Reason I posted this was because this was a unique and strange bootup situation that I had never seen anyone talk about or mention online, even on these forums. I tried to look up on if any situation similar to mine happened, but I found nothing after extensive research. That's why I started a new thread. But getting to the point, I'll see about a reca
  20. I just got a Macintosh Portable in the mail today, and I was told it boots to a floppy disk screen. Turns out, that wasn't true. It doesn't even boot at all. The startup is very erratic, sometimes doing one thing and other times doing another. It will sometimes: - Boot to the mouse cursor, but then the screen flashes and glitches. - Boot to the zebra stripes, but become caught in an endless loop of booting. - Boot to the zebra stripes, but then display a Sad Mac with error code 00000012 0000CD36. A little while after that happens, the screen begins to flash and glitch while the flopp
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