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  1. Pressing C doesn't seem to be doing anything.
  2. I've looked everywhere and I cannot find a clear and concise instructional for how to do this, so I'm asking here in hopes of somebody being able to direct me to some good instructions, or lay it out for me. What I want to do is format a HDD on a 575LC and do a fresh install of OS 7.5.3, similar to what you would do to a hard drive and an install of Windows 95. Can somebody clue me in on how to go about doing this?
  3. Anyone know I can get one of these? I looked on Mouser but didn't see any. I did see a .1uf 50v, is that the same? Thanks for your help!
  4. Hmmm. Odd. I just don't get it. The disks interchange between all my other 575s abd 6115CDs without issue, and the classic and Plus interchange without issue, but interchanging the disks between those two groups doesn't work at all.
  5. So, if I'm understanding correctly, the Classic can't create floppies that will work on a 575 and vise verse? I got a replacement drive for the classic (no more external drive) and I still can't interchange disks.
  6. So I was trying to transfer some games from my LC 575 to my Macintosh Classic (internal drive is busted, so I had to use an external drive) and it doesn't seem as though they use a compatible file structure? Does that sound correct or is something amiss here? The external drive is a M0131. Thanks!
  7. How do you do it without a soldering iron? I definitely used one! Lol
  8. What about Wolfenstein 3d? Runs like crap on my 575s.
  9. Just wanted to update this. I've now got three successful recaps under my belt and they all went well. I highly recommend giving it a shot if you're thinking about doing it. It's a slight pain in the ass, but well worth it and hardly impossible to do.
  10. Ok, not sure what anyone is saying. The plan was to swap the stock cpu on my LC 575 with this: http://m.ebay.com/itm/111633589714?euid=53fb61ae6fb34856a8be059ee404075d&_mwBanner=1 But I'm assuming that since my stock runs at 33mhz, and the one I bought runs at 33mhz, there's probably little point in doing so, correct?
  11. Holy crap, didn't realize this was that complicated. Thought I could just plug and play. Ah well, screw it. Bought the wrong processor anyway. This is all more trouble than it's worth.
  12. How do I set the clock speed on the new processor? Never done it on these old macs before.
  13. I actually found a couple at work. They're slightly smaller, but I think they'll be ok? My plan is to use a little super glue in each corner and some Arctic silver in the center. That should be ok, right?
  14. Are they the same size? I'd be down. Send me some pricing.I'd need two.
  15. Oh, I see they also run at 40. Maybe I'll do that. Should a heatsink be enough or should I be looking at something with a fan as well?
  16. Thanks, I plan on running it at 33mhz, which is what they run at stock, correct? Do I need to make any adjustments via the board or is it just plug and play?
  17. Yeah, total bonehead mistake on my part. Ah well. So were heatsinks ever made for the full 040? I searched ebay but didn't find anything.
  18. Crap, that's right. I totally forgot that my 6115 CD has a different processor entirely. I was just looking at it the other day too. Guess I'll have an extra processor for sale if anyone is interested.
  19. So you're saying I don't need a full 68040 for my 6115CD? Also, I guess if the answer is yes to the heatsink, then my next questions is...where do I get one from?
  20. I plan on upgrading my three Macs (LC575, Performa 575 and 6115CD) to full 68040s. I've seen a few places claim you need to paste and heatsink your processor. Is this correct?
  21. Right, just using them on mainboards to replace old caps before they start leaking.
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