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  1. Hi! I have a Macintosh Color Classic that doesn't make any sound from the internal speaker. It works perfectly with external speakers. If I put inside another logic board, the internal speaker works. If I put the original logic board, no sound (no chime, no applications sound) The original logic board has been recapped and cleaned; no physical damage. Is anyone have an idea? Thanks for your help
  2. I've found a Macintosh SE with 2 floppy drive. On the front we can read Macintosh FDHD (see picture 1) On the rear, the model is M5010. (see picture 2) The serial Number corresponds to a FDHD model. (see picture 2) They are 2 x 1.44MB Floppy drives (see picture 3) The motherboard seems to be FDHD. (see picture 4) Does anyone has any information? See pictures below:
  3. Can I use this battery to replace the original : https://www.amazon.fr/gp/aw/d/B009IQ6UUQ/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?qid=1464883250&sr=8-1&keywords=Batterie+plomb+6v&pi=SY200_QL40 (6V, 4Amp, lead battery) ?
  4. Nice! What is your price with shipping to France?Thanks
  5. No logo on the front bezel... I bought it with a lot of others Macintosh near Paris in an old factory... The seller does not know what he was selling! So I don't think he sticks "HyperDrive" stickers... Another thing, When I turn on this Macintosh, it doesn't "boing" but it works perfectly. The speaker works when the system is launched!
  6. I'm so happy, 40MB Hard drive and 4MB of RAM! I Got it with original case but without trackpad
  7. Recap works!!! Now I have to rebuild the battery...
  8. You're porbably right! Or I have a "normal" Macintosh 512 with the back case of HyperDrive 512k
  9. I think this 512K had never had hard drive because the logic and powerboard were not modified (like other Hyperdrive 512k). But it's only an assumption Did all the HyperDrive Macintosh 512K have a fan?
  10. Hi, I've found this strange Macintosh 512K HyperDrive model. There is no Hard Drive and no fan inside... Is anyone know what is this? (Developer model?)
  11. Ok, thanks! Capitors are buyed, I give you my feedback soon
  12. Thanks for your answers. It doesn't bong and I am using the original power supply ! My father is going to wash the motherboatd recap it (he is good with solder, he saved my SE/30!!) Do I have to replace the big main battery or only the small backup battery? (Or both?)
  13. Hi, I have found this beautiful Macintosh Portable (backlit, M5126). Unfortunately it wont boot... I don't think the screen panel is broken, the location of the lines is not the same at each startup. I have the same problem when I remove batteries. What should I do? (Capacitors?) Sorry for my bad english...
  14. Thanks for your link BadGoldEagle, i will try! If you have time, could you upload it please?
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