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  1. Good to meet you Paul. I'm pleased you liked the bits you got from me. Let me know if you think of any that you need.
  2. Thanks for your help on this guys. It's a shame that it isn't easier to send it to the States.
  3. Thanks for that. I agree it is a much better-built machine than a Power Mac 8100, it is rock solid. The last 8100 sold in May for £30 /$37, so not a huge amount of money.
  4. I wasn't sure where to post this question, so apologies if it is not the correct place. I have a Radius System 81/110 that is going to go up for sale. I also have a potential buy for it already. The problem is neither of us have a clue what it is worth. I know Radius is a good name and these systems don't come up for sale very often. Does anyone here have an idea of price or seen one up for sale recently? The computer boots fine without any problems, and it is in good shape too. The only thing wrong with it is the front panel is loose, but this could be stuck back on so
  5. I drop by every now and then, I don't always have a lot to say. Thanks for your comment about my pictures. I still have a few that I have not taken apart and photographed, so keep checking back. If they have a 68k processor, I will post them to the 68kmla group on Flickr.
  6. I thought I would give you an update as the pictures and comment on Flickr are a few years out of date. I soak the board I a suitable container with a de-ironised water tiny amount of detergent for two to three hours. Then I rinse the board and let it soak in cold de-ironised water overnight with out any detergent. I then dry the board as best as I can, and leave it for a few days in a warm place to totally dry out. As long as you make sure that the board is totally dry, you should not have any problems. I have bought many Macs back to life by just washing the board and I have never had a
  7. Here is a link of some pictures, that I took when I overhauled one of my 7100's. Although the pictures don't give you step by step instructions, they should give you an idea what internals look like when removed. As Unknown_k said, the 7100's are quite easy to work on, you only need a couple of screw drivers. Good luck.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I have already replaced both batteries on the Macintosh II. Unfortunatly it made no differance.
  9. I have a Macintosh II that appears to be a problem with the power supply. I really want to get the Macintosh II working again and have seen a power supply for sale. But I don't want to spend the money if it won't solve the problem. I also own a Macintosh IIfx that works great. I thought I could swap the power supplies to see if it is defiantly a power supply problem, but I don't want to damage the IIfx's power supply or the Macintosh II any further. I know that the power supplies are slightly different, but the output looks the same. Does anybody know if this is safe or will it wor
  10. Have you managed to download Tom's notes? http://68kmla.org/files/classicmac2.pdf The notes go into detail about the hazards of working inside a compact and how to discharge a CRT. The line is probably different because the CRT width is set wider.
  11. HI Mars478, I would tackle the vertical scan collapse first. As Tom said re-solder the connector and see it that works. The missing chime is most likely due to leaking capacitor on the logic board, the Classic II's are notorious for that. It's probably best to sort out one thing at a time. Just be careful not to run it too long with the white line showing, it will burn into the phosphorus, leaving you a permeant line.
  12. Part numbers for the screws are, 426-1007 for the silver and 435-5002 for the Black. You will probably have no luck with Apple, but someone may still stock them.
  13. Hi wayne, I'm pretty sure the location of the "barrel rectifier", is as this image. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3389/3426387195_d8010b7e4e.jpg I hope this helps.
  14. This is most likely a problem with you analog board, I've heard that the barrel rectifier can make chirping noises. Have you ever have it running? If so, did it have problems with the display moving in and out?
  15. Thanks everyone for their help, the SE/30 is up and running again and harmony has been restored. I did have a bit of trouble finding the lithium grease in the shops, but a ebay seller came through in the end. Thanks again for you help.
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