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  1. Amazing - great job done here! is there a final or "beta" file available yet? I would like to test out my printer - especially with some clear or translucent PLA/material
  2. Hi yes the LC475 board is up and running again. My very thanks goes to @Bolle he helped me with that little bugger. The End result looks like this now and I'm very happy. There was a bad/broken (literally) resistor and a little wirework was needed due bad traces/contacts To be true, the matching PSU was also toast but after the clean/recap it is now working again too (this one was easy, compared to the logic board) Marcus
  3. interesting do you mind sharing the STLs or so? ...or was it just concept on paper? ;). Thanks
  4. hmmm someone should make STL files available and we can just 3d print this little baby gem for us
  5. Well to be true.. I would just need the badge/part in it's shaped form - even without the printing. I know it's a hard level 3d printing every detail and especially these secure points and curved shape - I would be ok with a little afterwork, grinding and sanding. My printer is capable printing very small and round structures - it's worth a try. If I would have a spare logo plastic, I would mail it to you...but actually there is no spare case to take it from
  6. Hmm I just want to ask again does anyone every tried to recreate the Macintosh Color Classic front badges/logos? Unfortunately I lost my small logo/badge after I measured it
  7. Hmm that U29 looks quite clean and good to me ... damn, I'm not sure, if I can desolder this IC will a ordinary heat gun work or kill the chip? ...and I already consider that board as maybe toast ..I did one really bad mistake here: this board was pre "tried to repair" from the former owner - usually I don't do/accept repair request on already repair attempted boards @Bolle - is there a chance, that you may want to take a look on that board? I probably will include my Micron Xceed Grayscale Macrocolor card for some checks/repairs too ;p (I got me another SE30 and ma
  8. Hi friends, I just recently recapped a LC 475 logic board. Usually it's nothing fancy about - did it dozen of times. But this particular one won't talk to me, even afte a good recap. It just had bad caps, no battery leakage or so... If I turn on the machine, the fan will start and the hdd starts spinning. But no chime, no display I did wasch/clean it twice. Any special vias I have to check for continuity or are there any knows culprits maybe? I mean.. I'm not much into LCs and stuff that aren't compacts or Lisa or Quadra 700/840 machines ;p I did try t
  9. Oh yes, there can be damage done if the 5V / 12V line on the serial cable goes to the wrong line of the Mac10 well.. I will wait and hope for some good schematics/pinout before I try my luck
  10. Hi Friends, I just dig out my old MAC10 (by Paradise Systems Inc.) external serial hard drive. It once came with my Macintosh 512k. Sadly I can't find it's serial data cable anymore after our last moving in 2019 Does somebody has the same drive and/or can tell me the serial pinout/wiring to get it hooked up on a Mac 128/512k? I want to solder me a new data cable ... a common serial 1to1 cable doesn't work. Ah and if someone may also has the service/user manual and a dump of the drivers diskette - this would be rocking awesome ..
  11. OMG, I know, I know I shouldn't dig here in this "grave" ... but I have a nice Mac10 external Harddrive but I lost my serial cable during our moving we did in 2019 You don't know the serial wiring from teh drive to the Macintosh 128k/512k? I couldn't find anything in the Internet so far Stay safe & healthy, Marcus
  12. ah, you have to make sure, that no other old gunk of the old leaky caps are still anywhere on the board. This stuff tend to sneak under parts you won't suspect I once had very ba dissues on a Mac Plus analogboard - old residue did short other components ...
  13. hmm.. something is heavily buzzing inside your PSU how did you cleanup the PCB after removing the old parts?
  14. Yeah Playing with an X/Profile will be a task for the future till then I keep me happy with original Widgets and Profile drives. Next project will be my IDEfile. As I stated above, the Screen gibberish was instantly when I turned on the Lisa. It was due faulty H-ROMs not the mismatch of VSROM or OS issues But yeah, it was anyway fun what all could and did happen due playing with ROMs.
  15. OMG!!! My Life-Savior just see what you did to me This was such a happy moment ... unbelievable... I tried several official and inofficial sources - all corrupt - thank you so much ...even my Mac Works/Macintosh OS is booting just fine from it's widget drive last step will be a proper recap of the video board and the screen calibration.
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