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  1. I should also add, thanks for the helpful comments in troubleshooting this. Much appreciated!
  2. UPDATE: The card works! Michael at Firmtek was extremely helpful in troubleshooting solutions and the proper driver in the end (the card registers as a SCSI device, which makes it different from other seritek/sonnet SATA plug n' play solutions). I am using SCSIProbe to make it auto mount my hard drive. I'm currently using the 1SM2 as a go between for samples/ableton files between my laptop and my home DAW. I can highly recommend this device and Firmtek!
  3. Hi Folks, First post here on the forum after lurking for years, hopefully its not presumptuous leading with a request but I'm in a bit of a jam: I've purchased this Seritek 1SM2 card, looking to use it with OS9, support is described as 'limited' but present nonetheless. No luck using the re-packaged drivers from the Seritek website or on the CD it comes with. I have been in correspondence with Firmtek trying different solutions and all existing Extensions seem corrupted by OS X repackaging. I've gone through quite a few variations of dragging and dropping the 'SATAEnabler' file into
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