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  1. Thanks Guys, I am really looking forward to it. There is a boxed cc on eBay au atm but it was going to be right out of my price range. this almost was but i figured the little extras made it an appealing package
  2. Just watched most of your videos Jason - quite informative and a super collection you have.
  3. Hello! Today I purchased my first Vintage mac. I first used one of these in 1993 in Grade One and have not used one since, the rest of my primary schooling being completed on Classics and early powermacs. Behold, The colour classic Paid $212 AUD for it or roughly $150 USD. It is a lot but I was desperate to get started and it came with an interesting array of software / books and an original VHS about getting started. Its HDD is not functioning, so I will be chasing one of these. any ideas as to where to look? eBay I guess. Regards, Jarrod
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