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  1. There was an edition of the 6500 called the "Creative Studio Edition" which featured the AVID card connected to the Apple AV-in card. That's what this configuration looks like. But that rear label looks very prototype-like doesn't it. The CSII card is a dialup modem card I believe.
  2. I'm a big fan of Bruce's work and his excellent videos. Not to gloat but I feel like I've met a famous person as that's my IIvi board in this video
  3. *waves* I've come across a lot of collectors of Apple stuff but never another Apple collector interested in Apple printers. Which I always think is odd, because an Apple printer will make a retro setup complete IMO. I also collect Apple scanners. Printers and scanners just seem to be a relatively forgotten part of the Apple lineup. I had to reduce my LaserWriter collection by selling my LW300 and (sadly) binning my LW12/640 and LW2, only keeping the LW8500 (being the last LW I think)? I have an ImageWriter, ImageWriter LQ, both variations of the ImageWriter
  4. My secondary Apple collection obsession is Apple printers so this thread interests me. I had recently been considering the possibility these printers would need re-capping to be functional again, and here we are. I have ImageWriters, StyleWriters and LaserWriters of various models, but I would love to have a functional ImageWriter II again. superjar2000 I'm really keen to hear how you get on with yours. And thanks techknight for this thread and your info!
  5. I reckon I would have got my Colour Classic in 2000 too. Picked it up for free from my local library when they upgraded to a Windows PC for the 'word processing' room, haha. Mine came with all the manuals, discs and stickers. My goodness, those were the days! I guess that's why we collect and hoard these things, with such fond memories of times gone by. Makes me more enthusiastic for my 'ultimate Colour Classic setup' with AppleDesign speakers, colour StyleWriter. I've dug out a 9600 CD bezel, just one though - if it's useful to you for the cost of post?
  6. Cool thread, I'll be keeping an eye on this one every now and then. I like the idea of keeping a running 'conquest' thread. Add to it as you inherit/purchase or otherwise discover things. Might do one myself. Quite jealous of the Colour Classics. I have a couple myself but they all need some work. It's nice to see a Quicktime sticker on one of them still too.
  7. Love the Mac TV, nice one. I have a spare black mouse, but I'm in Australia... Also, there are at least two of us here in Australia that have imported a Mac TV now but not sure I'd do it again, was pretty pricey 5 years ago when I brought mine in, would cost double now.
  8. Fair enough, I've never seen reference to a platinum original face plate or bezel and (sorry) am not convinced it exists, would love to be proved wrong (gives me another variant to chase haha). I completely understand what you're saying re: yellowing. Put a yellowed platinum Mac next to a good beige one and the platinum will be darker. Sometimes the only real giveaway is seeing a shielded area of plastics (internal) or looking at other clues like brightness knob colour, power switch colour. As far as I know, the Colour Classic vs Color Classic is exactly that, just a name change as you
  9. I think I can already answer this question BUT here goes. In my collection I have a Colour Classic and a Color Classic. As far as I know, same model numbers too but I will double check. I don't know if you'd want to include this variation or leave it off (especially if they share the same model number). And the Classic has a variation with and without speaker holes - again I will confirm if they share the same model number as I have both in my collection too.
  10. Does anyone have any photographic evidence of the existence of this one: M0001D Macintosh 512ke (platinum color, original style face, no stamping on front) I can't say I have ever seen an 'original style face' in Platinum. I've certainly seen M0001D's and certainly seen 512k's in Platinum but never with the earlier style bezel, only ever with the Plus-style bezel and the earlier style bucket (rear).
  11. As I said, I've got a couple of Mac Pluses with the model number M0001AP. For interests sake, I also have a couple with the model number M0001A, yet they all have 240v PSU's (which as we all know the "P" designates the international power supply). Another interesting point, the M0001AP's obviously have their model number on the back label, but also on a second label as the end part of the serial number. My M0001A's don't have the model number in the serial number. Don't know what this means or if it's of any significance. Anyway, evidence of the M0001AP regardless. The Classic without the
  12. I've had a couple of M0001AP's, they are Mac Pluses with 240v PSU's. I can take a photo if you would like? Also, there is a Macintosh Classic with a different model number which has no hard drive installed as standard. I have one of those too and can take a photo if needed. I can't remember off the top of my head the model number but it is different again.
  13. To me that looks like a fuse in a soldered-on fuse holder. But it appears you'd need to desolder at least one end of the fuse holder in order to release the fuse from between the two fuse holding end cap thingos.
  14. That iBook G3 looks in wonderful condition. Even with all the little rubber feet! Nice save.
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