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  1. Looking great! Just out of curiosity, I'd love to see the innards of the monitor if you are able to grab any pics when you take it apart. I've never taken one of those apart before and am always curious about what crt monitor innards look like.
  2. That looks like a clean recap job β€” thanks for sharing your documentation with us! I had a Performa 630CD as a teenager that I have a lot of fond memories with. It's cool to see someone doing thoughtful component-level work on one
  3. For those of you who have submerged compacts, how does the metallic paint on the inside of the case hold up? I've got several compacts I'd love to submerge, but I am worried about damaging that internal paint. I don't want to do the cream method β€” seems like it's really easy for it to go wrong.
  4. I feel similarly, desertrout. I've been putting SCSI2SD in all my Macs since I started restoring them back in 2014, and I'm actually starting the process of going back and re-installing hard drives in all of them. SCSI2SD always felt sterile and hollow to me, and 7 years later, I've finally accepted that I prefer noisy old drives even though SCSI2SD is the logical choice. For me, a big part of is the sound. I miss the grinding sounds of old hard drives, the whirring and seeking of CD-ROM drives. The machines feel weird and hollow to me when those sounds are missing. But there'
  5. Oh my, this is a fantastic and impressive achievement. I can't wait to try it on a compact!
  6. I agree with PowerMac_G4 β€” if the analog board hasn't been fixed up, it's probably putting out unstable and/or low voltages, and that'll make the logic board do all sorts of weird stuff. These analog boards use capacitors that are notorious for leaking electrolyte, and they pretty much always need a recap to be reliable. The behavior when you wiggle the power switch could indicate that you have an inconsistent power switch, or bad solder joints where the switch is soldered to the analog board. You probably will want to reflow those solder joints. You might also need to replace t
  7. @anthon I would, but I copied the contents of the Legacy Recovery CD image to my external SCSI2SD drive a few years ago and have been using the files that way ever since. So I am using the contents of the image I downloaded long ago, but I'm not using the image itself anymore. I might have a CD sleeve with my original burned copy somewhere though. That's what I was using before I got my external SCSI2SD and copied everything to it. If I find the CD, I'll start a separate thread where we can start comparing MD5s.
  8. I think there are multiple versions of the Legacy Recovery CD, some corrupted and some not. I have an image of the CD that has the 16-floppy-images-installer of 7.5.3 on it, and it has worked just fine for me multiple times. I just used it last weekend to reinstall 7.5.3 on my LC550 and the experience was flawless. But, I downloaded my image of the Legacy Recovery CD years ago. So maybe the images going around a few years ago were fine, or maybe there were multiple images even back then and I happened to get a good one, or it's the same image it always has been but the file has become corr
  9. Guys, this is so exciting. Thank you for doing and documenting this work! I can't wait to start playing Bolo with 68kmla-ers!
  10. Sorry idiotek, I forgot to reply to your post. I'm glad you found the part number for the tube. Have you tried running the Display Adjustment Utility on your Bondi? The sub-contrast adjustment might get you a little more brightness out of the original tube.
  11. Ah, I was hoping you were near Sacramento/Bay Area on the West Coast. I could help you get your Classic up and running. What with recapping, cleaning, adjusting the screen if necessary, and probably a dead hard drive, getting your first compact up and running can be a little overwhelming if you're new and don't have the tools and experience yet. I started with an SE/30 a few years ago, and I'm on my fourth compact now. Be careful... they multiply
  12. Chad, what part of the States are you in?
  13. Does anyone know if any progress ever happened on this project? It’s a really cool idea that keeps popping back into my brain every month or so, but I have none of the skills necessary to contribute.
  14. Hmmm. If there's no glow in the neck of the tube then you have issues with your heater voltage. Not sure if that is connected to the flyback or not.
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