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  1. I really like my Quadra 650. Probably my favorite 68k.....
  2. I get into this hobby intermittently. The biggest issue that makes me want to just put it all on eBay is these damned floppy drives. They all just stop reading or writing. I've had half a dozen fail after only limited use and even after cleaning don't seem to want to cooperate.
  3. After looking at those pics I'm still unclear where the zero-track sensor is. Is it that thing marked 222?
  4. Not sure. I bought it off eBay years ago and tested it in known good IIsi, which I use as a floppy test platform. IIRC, it also does it on a ci......
  5. That is correct, it controls the position of the head.
  6. Hi all, awhile back I received a Sony FMD-75W-01G that has a problem I cannot find information on. When you stick a disk in, the motor that pushes/pulls the head just keeps going until the back of it runs into the front of the metal plate behind it and continues to click as the needle taps in and out of the auger that drives the head. I'm wondering if there is an adjustment to be made somewhere...
  7. Native Resolution is 1024 x 768 and I am running it at that @256 colors on the Quadra. Text is a little soft, but colors are very bright. looks great!
  8. I am still working on the IIci, but thanks to Trash80's scans I got the NEC going on the Quadra 650. It looks really nice. Thanks
  9. I would certainly appreciate the scan if you are able. I cannot seem to find it through google Also, what does "N. J, O" mean?
  10. I have a NEC 1700V and a KDS/Radius RAD-5 I have a couple adapters, one with ten switches and one with nine switches and a wheel. I am trying to use the internal video and an Apple Display Card 670. Anyone know of good combinations to try? one question I have is, when the right combination of switches on the adapter are chosen, will the monitor light up or must a reboot happen before the mac will detect it? Thanks
  11. hello, quick question I have an Apple IIe and when I use the "init" command to try to initialize a disk, I get a syntax error. Is there a good reference for commands on the Apple 2 out there? thanks
  12. Well even as a one-off there's something to be considered: a second bidder was willing to pay US $555.00 for that Quadra.
  13. Just spotted this as sold on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Macintosh-Quadra-950-Ethernet-Card-Works-Great-Excelent-Condition-/140618140783?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20bd7e8c6f I last checked on this several months ago, and they were selling for slightly over $200 there. It seems that the value of vintage macintoshes are going up, correct?
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