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  1. Hi, everyone! I have 3 different cdrom drives with pcmcia interface, 2 are just standard ide devices that work fine in w95 and up, i can't find a driver to use with these. When i plug it in my powerbook only appears as a "PCCARD-IDE" device on the desktop. anyone knows if any drivers for pcmcia ata devices exists? Thanks.
  2. leosadvs

    Sharp Pi 7000?

    I have just seen this sharp pda that a guy is selling, new in boxes and stuff, and im curious about this, anyone have more info? i see the newton logo, so its a clone?
  3. Hi!, i have this one Cisco-350-MACOSInstallv301.sit i used it in osx 10.2 and os9 with no problem
  4. Oh so it's a printer cable, thanks for the info :b&w:
  5. But Apple branded? looks like a generic apple serial cable but with the "AT keyboard" on one side Edit:
  6. Hi, i found this cable in the street, looks like midi or something like that, anyone knows what exactly is? or for what is?
  7. I ussualy just drag and drop to a stuffit alias and that works for me, but cheking in resedit, here is the type creator: Bin: BINA SITx hqx: TEXT SITx
  8. Ok its here!, im installing os9 and osx as we talk, i lost the Cisco Wifi drivers for os9-osx and the cisco webpage is a PITA but im happy to have my powerbook working again. the price (with shipping, the importer guy comission and stuff) was: 13 000 Chilean pesos = 26.42900 U.S. dollars
  9. Yeah.. what kind of certification you need to use that tool!?
  10. Hi, i want to buy a Lombard harddrive cable, and i found this http://www.pbparts.com/shop.php//lhdc.html it's cheap and they ship to Chile, but anyone have experiences with this site? what do you think? thanks.
  11. That module can work without problems in a Powerbook 520?
  12. Looks like Sega Genesis and Dreamcast controllers
  13. Looks like Sega Genesis and Dreamcast controllers
  14. Thanks!, just do something like this: Thanks again! Not only that, but it seems to be stopping your shift key working most of the time. Sorry for that.
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