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  1. I myself have just tried two part epoxy on my 145B and so far so good. I need to try on some of my more destroyed machines though and see about building up the lugs in the right place when they are destroyed.
  2. After a recap my 270c is ticking from the dc-dc circuit.. any ideas what I may have done. Was dead before- heaving leaking but no damaged tracks
  3. The liquid forming on the screen I have found and the smell is undeniably acetone. Im assuming the glue used had an acetone base. Stupidity.
  4. All of my batteries are removed and have been for 10+ years. This is not. Battery issue.
  5. What does it look like, its very hard to tell from your photos of what the issue is, is one of the plastic layers just shattered?
  6. I don't want to sound like a dullard/luddite, but what kind of troubleshooting can you recommend. Visually everything checks out, do I start looking for shorts to ground?
  7. Hi Everyone, My Powerbook 270c wasn't working and ticking, so I cracked it open and saw that the caps were leaking. Removed all the SMD caps, cleaned and replaced with Tantalum. There was no change. So I washed the whole board and the unit still is not powering up with this buzzing from the cap area. Any suggestions on possible other causes?
  8. Wow, just as bad.. Worse on some. Its like a bacterial growth. The last one certainly looks like mould, but I have a 180c with that "cracked" plastic too. Clearly something bad is going on =(
  9. Found a 145 at the office yesterday, exactly the same issue as my 150's. It could only be humidity related, three separate locations, all with the same. Surely there must be a way to remove, clear off the old adhesive and even just sit the polariser over the top?
  10. I just recapped a leaky 270c but the ticking continues. Anyone kow any other common issues in the DC circuit? I did wash the area with pure Isopropyl to assist prior to install of of the new caps.
  11. I've recently had amazing results with Loctite precision super glue. Its a watery glue in a vial, it's ability to hold weight and super fine properties and grab time for me have fixed numerous little issues in my collection. I have not used it on the display housings yet, but its first in line after fixing the parcel tray holder in my car which holds about 5 pounds.
  12. Nothing, they are in original condition from three sources. Have not serviced these yet. Completely untouched and the storage conditions are the same for all of my PB 100 series, only the 150's are affected.
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