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  1. The display is so much easier to read than the TI-92.
  2. The Nspire didn't work after reassembly. I found another one on Ebay and it arrived today. It's a School Edition TouchPad model. Turning the second Nspire on I found It was in Press-to-Test mode. A little research later and I found how to remove it using a computer.
  3. The TI-Nspire arrived today. I bought it "parts or not working" and so far has lived up to that label. It appeared to have minor battery corrosion in the past based on residue remaining on the calculator. I took it apart, removed the battery terminals and let them soak in vinegar. I also cleaned the motherboard where the terminals made contact with vinegar. I haven't yet reassembled the calculator but hope it works - I found the TI-84 keypad for it in a separate auction.
  4. Later iBook G4 models came with 10.4 - primarily the 1.33ghz and 1.42ghz models from mid-2005. I have a 12" 1.33ghz model and it won't boot from 10.3.
  5. I thought the keyboard on the TI-92 would help with programming on it. My TI-GraphLink cable arrived yesterday and I transferred a few TI-Basic programs to the TI-92 and opened one if them for editing. Programming on it would be tolerable but I'm spoiled by using 2 or 3 monitors on my PC. Page Up and Page Down functionality would make it easier to work on larger programs.
  6. Found and ordered an inexpensive TI-Nspire Touchpad. With this one I can run vMac on it (32MB storage vs. 256KB on the TI-92).
  7. If it were eithera TI-92 II or a TI-92 Plus it might be possible. The TI-92 doesn't have enough storage space to handle emulating a Mac. Doing some research i found there is a Mac emulator for the TI-Nspire.
  8. I bought a TI-86 graphing calculator a few weeks ago off of eBay. The screen had some occasional glitches so I searched for a replacement screen. While I didn't find a screen I found a TI-92 graphing calculator for a little over $20. The TI-92 has a 68000 processor running at 10 Mhz and 256 KB memory. As you can tell from the picture it's big - it's about the size of an 8" tablet. Due to the keyboard the TI-92 is classified as a computer and can't be used on ACT or College Board standardized tests. Going through the manual to familiarize myself with both ca
  9. This was initially my wife's phone for a couple of years. When her mother's iPhone 4s was having issues we upgraded her to an iPhone 8 Plus. She loved the speed of it compared to the iPhone 4s but it was too big for her to comfortably handle. My wife swapped phones with her and they were both happy. Last week after several months of exterme slowness and battery issues we upgraded her mom's phone to an iPhone SE (2020) 128GB and she is happy again. I get to tinker with a "recent" iPhone that nobody is dependent on. I ordered a replacement battery and installed it this eveni
  10. quinterro


    Yesterday morning I used the MacBook for a while and found out that the fan wasn't spinning after it slowed down to a crawl. Took it apart again last night and found that the fan housing was pushed in on one side, causing the fan to not spin at all. After fixing the fan and putting the MacBook together again I played a game on it for an hour. Much to my relief the fan kicked in and I didn't have any issues with the laptop slowing down. I did find a place to put one of the leftover screws so I'm down to one.
  11. quinterro


    Either it was really resilient or I just don't do a good job of vacuuming. After removing the keyboard/wrist rest I found the cause of the fan noise - the small piece of foam that covers the two temperature sensor connectors had moved and decided to rest in top of the fan enclosure. After putting it back where it was supposed to be and reassembling the laptop the fan noise is gone! While it was apart the first time I cleaned it out since it hadn't been opened up since it was new, cleaned off the processor and heat sink and applied new thermal paste and it runs a lot qu
  12. quinterro


    I was removing the battery from the MacBook after first bringing the laptop home and a screw fell out from that area. Not knowing where it came from I wrapped it in blue painter's tape and attached it to the lid. Shortly before swapping bottoms another screw appeared and I taped that one to the lid as well. Strangely enough just before swapping the bottoms I found another screw that I know didn't come from the MacBook on the carpet. Turns out it was from one of my ThinkPad T500 laptops that fell out of the hard drive cover months ago and survived several vacuuming sessions.
  13. quinterro


    I bought a replacement bottom case and installed it. Only took 3+ hours. Even with making notes as to where every screw went I still had two left... After getting everything back together I powered it on and heard the fan spinning and rubbing against its enclosure. I get to take it apart again, but fortunately not as much as was needed to swap bottom cases.
  14. quinterro


    Thanks for the heads up! I have an iBook G4 and a Lombard for PowerPC applications, but to be honest it's been years since I have used one of my Macs. The 2 x 2Gb DIMMs from the old Dell laptop worked great. Currently Lion is installed along with Windows 7 Home Premium via BootCamp. I'm going to have to put the 500GB hard drive in the MacBook though. I assigned 35GB out of the original 80GB drive to Windows but it's down to about 5GB free after installing 200+ updates and installing some of the software I use for development. After seeing how little free
  15. quinterro


    The power supply works and the laptop battery and Mac OS 10.6 is installed. It does run a bit warm though. Given that it still has the original memory and hard drive it probably needs to be taken apart and cleaned out.
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