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  1. My wife's uncle found out I was a fan of vintage Apple equipment so he sent some boxes over. A complete, working, Apple IIc machine, complete with all the manuals, a joystick, something apple branded called a "modulator," an ImageWriter, and some sealed 5.25 inch floppy disks! He bought these things new back in the 80s and they have been living in his garage for a few decades. I now have two fully functional IIc setups! The IIc had the Jeopardy game inside. I don't know about you, but I think Ethel is on something...
  2. Hey all - Does the PRAM battery in the G3 Wallstreets pose an existential threat to the machine like the PRAM battery in the 3400c and other machines? Based on where and how Apple buried it, it doesn't seem like any leakage would affect the innards of the machine (so long as it was left laying flat), but I was wondering if anyone had experiences with this.
  3. Anchor Electronics in the South San Francisco Bay area has 4164 RAM chips, but I don't know what, if any, difference there are between those and D4164C chips. http://anchor-electronics.com/price-list.pdf Where are you located? I have a 5V RAM board from my spare (re: board needs to be recapped) Apple III. Before I blew a capacitor on that board, the machine worked just fine. If you are somewhat close, I could lend you the RAM board and see if you get any different results.
  4. Someone in the Monterey, CA area is selling a 128k with a "Gemini" 020/030 processor upgrade -- there aren't any pictures of the inside, but I guess there was at least one company called "Gemini" that made such an upgrade? https://monterey.craigslist.org/sys/5928855151.html
  5. My friend was also, apparently, a very active member of BMUG and was responsible for putting together their CDs. He gave me copies of a 1995, 1996, and 1997 BMUG CD. No idea what is on these -- will have to check them out!
  6. A friend of mine who found out I was a fan of older Apple products gave me a stack of Post-It -type notes in the form of the Mac! He says he got this at an Apple event in the early 80s.
  7. Has anyone had any experience using these third-party adapters with their older Powerbooks? They say they are compatible with a 180, but I figured I would see what you all think: https://www.amazon.com/Hi-Capacity-Adapter-Apple-PowerBook-M5140/dp/B0000X6CQ8 https://www.amazon.com/EPtech-Notebook-Adapter-MacIntosh-PowerBook/dp/B01CAGZN3A http://www.kahlon.com/itemdetailpg.asp?itemid=253304 Thanks!
  8. I pulled out my Powerbook 180 for the first time since I moved (several months) and fired it up. I have a new battery I bought not too long ago, so it holds a charge pretty well. The machine fired up and was working fine. After a bit, I got a message saying "Your battery is not charging. Check the power adapter and electrical outlet connections." The machine is definitely plugged into a good AC outlet and the adapter is definitely plugged in. When the machine is on, the battery application indicates the battery is being charged, but at the same time the machine is giving the flashin
  9. Did the 6502B just have a faster clock speed from the original 6502?
  10. I wonder re: the trackball. Since it seems the rubber rollers start to go after a bit (causing it to be unable to move the cursor in a given direction very well/at all) -- couldn't someone get a 3d printer to create little plastic rollers to replace them?
  11. So I received a ReactiveMicro Universal PSU unit today for my Apple III. ‚ÄčThe instructions for installing/wiring it are here: http://reactivemicro.com/w/images/2/2a/2016-11-07_-_ReActiveMicro_-_Universal_PSU_Kit_-_Install_Instructions.pdf The Apple III instructions begin at p.46. I have installed everything without problem, except that instead of a "black or brown" wire and a "white or blue" cable, I got two blue cables -- one with a "female" connector that connects to the back of the power switch, and one a pin connector that connects to a wire coming out the back of the AC outle
  12. Oh, also: What is the difference between the A3S1 and A3S2? The bottom of the A3S2 says it has 256k of RAM. The bottom of the A3S1 says 128k of RAM, but the diagnostic said it has 256k of RAM. Both seem to have a "5v" RAM card installed above the motherboard, so maybe the original owner upgraded it?
  13. So this week I got quite the Apple III haul -- Two Apple IIIs, an external Disk III, 2 Monitor IIIs, a Profile HD, and a silentype printer, and a Titan "III to IIe" emulation card for a combined $150. I also got some Apple II related stuff for like $30 extra. One Apple III seems to have some issues -- It will turn on and the speaker will make a little "put put" sound, but the disks won't spin up and nothing appears on the screen. The other Apple III appeared to be better (would spin up looking for a disk and display "Retry" on the monitor). However, when using it, I smelled something
  14. So I acquired additional Apple III-related goods today from the same Craigslist source, including a Monitor III. This Monitor III has a badge that is like glued to the front that reads "Apple Computer Inc: 1082" (see picture below). Has anyone seen badges like this before? Is this a sign it was used internally by Apple workers? I note that this Monitor III has what *seems* to be a low serial number (its 4 digits and dated May 1981 -- there was another Monitor III I left since it looked like it was in rough condition that was dated December 1980 and had a 3 digit serial number).
  15. This one on eBay seems to have the same chip missing as nine: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Apple-III-Titan-III-to-IIe-Board-Set-see-pics-/152295987768?hash=item23758c5a38:g:DusAAOSw44BYEhhh
  16. Looking at the first image of the Titan card, I just realized that there appears to be a chip missing on the "III plus II" card -- third row from the right, second row down. Looking at pictures of other comparable Titan cards, the missing chip appears to be a "74LS161ANA" chip (whatever that means). What is weird is this card was pulled directly from another Apple III. Idont know why someone would have put it in their machine missing a chip?
  17. Yeah, it seems they do, but luckily I found a place that has the manuals and .dsk images loaded: http://mirrors.apple2.org.za/Apple%20II%20Documentation%20Project/Interface%20Cards/Apple%20III/Titan%20III%20Plus%20IIe/ I have sent off my Apple III Power Supply to Uni to be re-capped. Once I get it backed I will plug everything in and see what this Apple III is all about!
  18. Went back to the place i got the Apple III set up to buy more stuff. I got: (1) Another rainbow ribbon-Disk II (2) An Apple IIe numeric keypad thing (3) A Disk III (4) A rather odd card I had never seen by "Titan" -- It is actually two cards connected together. One reads "III plus II" the other reads "III plus IIe." I will have to research these cards, but I am assuming they put an Apple II and IIe into the III so you can use compatible software without resorting to emulation? Anyone have any ideas? Total cost for the lot: $40
  19. I would be curious to hear about your experience with it! It looks nifty!
  20. Yup, I did and I think I found the problem. One picture is of the entire PS. Towards the "front" of the PS (closest to the outlet), there is something (a cap?) that appears to have blown its yellow cover. Both it, and the little pink circular thing next to it appear slightly singed/burnt (see pictures). Needless to say, I won't turn the machine on anymore until this is fixed. Can these things be recapped? Is the thing that seems to have been singed even a cap? I am technically illiterate so I have no idea what I am looking at in there!
  21. This III also has an odd smell coming out of the power supply area when it is running. Its not noticeable unless your face is near the back while its running, but its definitely there. It *smells* slightly like burning electronics but very subtle -- when I opened everything up I saw nothing unusual (and definitely no signs of burning or smokes) Is that unusual? haha
  22. Also, apparently the Profile requires a special card in the Apple III to work (that this one does not appear to have. I'll have to pick one up eventually so I can see if this HD actually works!
  23. Also, something was rattling around in the front of the Profile HD, so I opened it up and this piece of grating came out. Hopefully its not super important to the HDs operation?
  24. Picked up today an: (1) Apple III (2) Monitor III (3) Profile Hard drive (4) Silentype Printer (5) Apple IIe enhancement kit (in box) (6) Apple II Super Serial Card (in box) (7) shrink wrapped Disk ][ Total cost: $180 which sounded fair to me (not knowing at all how much any of this stuff goes for on its own). The Apple III and Monitor appear to work as far as I can tell (meaning they both turn on and the monitor displays a "Retry" prompt. I have no Apple III disks to test it on! Can I put an Apple II disk in this thing? The hard drive turns on and sp
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