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  1. I can't speak for the 95 cartridge, but I've had the same problem with my 98 cartridges. Either the wiper blade was good when I got the cartridge, and it deteriorated over a couple of years, or it was bad to begin with. I've had a bit of success by taking a wiper for a different cartridge, cutting a few bits of the metal frame off, and bodging it into the 98 cartridge. It works more or less fine, so could be worth a go. I've also heard of people heating up the blade a bit to reform it. I didn't have any luck with this, but it appears others have. Unfortunate
  2. hehe, for the last few years I was adamant that this came from an All in One PowerMac. Didn't realise it was a tower .
  3. Thanks guys! Did I ought to be able to build a working machine out of this? e.g., could I connect the pins directly to a VGA monitor, and maybe use an ATX PSU?
  4. I was given this motherboard from an All in One PowerMac as part of a lot of computer parts about 6 years ago. I pondered building it into a system somehow, but I never got round to it and it has sat in my junk box gathering (lots of) dust. Could anyone identify what machine it is from? It has a PPC 603 (maybe 180MHz?) BTW, if anyone wants it, you can have it for the cost of postage. I've no idea whether it works or not. steve30 .
  5. I bought a cheap thrid party PSU from ebay. It works, but the plug needs wiggling about a bit to get the computer to notice it. Then, I plugged in the Apple PSU, which I thought ha broken, and it turns out that it actually works fine. So I don't know what happeed there. I'm just glad I have my 1400 back .
  6. Just checked on the bottom of both PowerBooks. They do indeed have the same maximum current rating. Can anyone recommend a good quality third party power supply? There don't seem to be any official Apple ones on ebay at the moment.
  7. Is it OK to power a G3 Lombard from a PowerBook 1400's power supply? I had two 1400 style PSUs which unfortunately broke so I bought a new one a couple of years ago. I started using that with a Lombard which I obtained last year and about 6 months ago, it also broke. So now I have no power supplies and no way of powering either the 1400 or the Lombard. Did I ought to get separate power supplies for both computers?
  8. I also have a German Newton, and as far as I am aware, you can only change the language by changing the ROMs for an English version.
  9. I'm not planning on making an ADC for the Macintosh at all. I was just wondering if anyone else had and how it may be possible. Perhaps something could be done with a PIC? i don't really know much about any microcontrollers, but I know PICs can have ADCs built in and have some form of serial interface. I think some even use USB.
  10. My project at college this year has been to make an analogue interface for a PC, by connecting an ADC chip to the parallel port. This is then controlled using a Microsoft QuickBasic programme in MS-DOS 6.22 (running on a speedy 1.8GHz Athlon XP system). This is working quite well, and I was thinking about trying to get it to work on the Amiga as well if I can find out how to access its parallel port. Something I was wondering though, is if anyone has ever tried making a simple analogue to digital converter interface type thing for a Macintosh? My project would probably be quite diffic
  11. I have a Jaz Drive which i use with ym PowerBook 1400. I only have two 1GB disks which work though. I have two 2GB disks that came with my drive a couple of years ago which don't work.
  12. The lower resolutions do allow all the thousands of colours. I find 800x600 (and similar) to be a bit on the small side for my 21" trinitron though. Should be fine on a smaller monitor though. I only got the video card because it was a reasonable prince and was being sold by the same person that sold me the G3 upgrade. He was local so I went to collect them both.
  13. Luckily, I have the ViewPowr card. I should be fine just for using the same settings as the built in display, but I used it at about 1024x768 or similar and it only did 256 colours.
  14. It currently has a 25 pin D connector, with two pins chopped off it to make a 23 pin connector, suitable for the Amiga. It did originally have a moulded connector but that started to have problems. http://stevecoates.net/stuff/23pin1.jpg http://stevecoates.net/stuff/23pin2.jpg I would like to put a longer cable on it with a VGA connector on. Just have to find some video cable for it.
  15. I have a nice 21" Trinitron sat in front of me now (just a shame it doesn't quite work properly). I could use it on my 1400 now I have a graphics card for it, but what I do intend to do eventually, is put a VGA connector on my Microvitec 1438 Multiscan monitor, then so I can connect that to all my computers, such as Macs, BBC, Amigas, PC.
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