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  1. Sorry been away from the forums - no, the only solution I ever found was to cannibalize another board. I'll have to try looking at the connectors under a magnifying glass to see if I can find a part number. If anyone ever finds a solution that works for them, please post it here!
  2. I can't say what the chances of finding the RAM chips are, though I have heard that replacing them is very labor intensive. The ROMs are easy, they are socketed, and I do see the ROMs for sale on ebay sometimes ($100 or neighborhood). Get the B version, as the A version may have trouble with most 400K drives. 400K drives are also not that hard to find, maybe $50-100. A drive from an enclosure would work, though I don't know if the 400K internal bracket is different from the 800K bracket. What with the expense & the labor, you might almost be better off p
  3. Glad you got it working! As for the Apple utility, I have had mixed success even with the patched version of HD setup and always use Lido now. Disk Copy 6 can mount images to desktop, and either DC 4 or 6 can write them to physical disks, but you have to do the writing on a computer that had the capability to write floppies built in - the cutoff was around the G3 era. (Edited because I initially misread your question, but anyway Disk Copy 6 is what you want for greatest flexibility. DC 4.2 is recommended if you are making archival copies from original floppy disks. Di
  4. When I used Seagate settings, I could never get the computer(s) to recognize the drives at all. I have no idea why. You could try setting one of the drives at something lower than 2GB, as well. I've heard that can help. In my case I don't recall that it made any difference.
  5. If anyone else reads this thread and has similar problems, the recommended Seagate settings didn't work for me at all but generic Quantum Fireball settings did. SCSI2SD voodoo... Glad you got yours working.
  6. Now I want to know what the other computers in that user's fleet (?) were called. A recap is always a good thing, but if the IIci is anything like the IIsi, you could also try cleaning the speaker contacts. A pencil eraser didn't work for me, but a rougher file (I used one of those things that looks like a q-tip but with some kind of metallic file material on it) did the trick. That said, I also recapped and added solder to the dented-looking solder on the bottom side of the board at the point where the speaker makes contact, so I can't say which of the three was most
  7. It depends on what you mean by "old beige." The main problem I have run into is making sure that the OS can handle non-Apple CD drives, which in the 7.1/7.5 window is dicey. I have had headaches with a Quadra 650, though I got it to work in the end. I'm a bit more cautious about buying non-Apple CD hardware for computers in the low 7 range now. I don't have enough experience with 8 and up to say, but I think CD support at that stage was much better.
  8. Only if the Plus has an older flyback. As I recall the B and C variants both had the bleeder. The recommendation is usually to get the C if you can (because it’s the latest, I suppose). Most Plus machines I have seen have the C version, it’s the 512K and earlier that often don’t. Really a shame that replacement fly backs are so expensive now ($100 seems standard even for B variant).
  9. IIsi machines seem to be gone already unless my search-fu is broken. Too bad. Glad someone got the pseudo G5’s. It was half can’t be bothered to drive, half where am I going to store them?
  10. I didn't! I will check now. Thanks for the heads up...
  11. Wow, how cool! I saw that listing but I was too lazy to drive to Boston. Congrats on the win!!
  12. I am really sorry to hear all these maccaps stories. He used to be prompt and professional (did a board for me two years ago). Evidently that isn’t the case any more. Hope you all get redress and he gets his s&$@ together.
  13. Nice! Thanks very much for the update and the picture.
  14. Another board member recommended 175 (if I remember rightly) but turn the oven OFF before you put the board in and leave it for several hours. I did that with one set of boards and they came out fine. I don't have enough experience to 100% guarantee the method though. @techknight, where do you buy your alcohol supply LOL? I'd like to use 90% isopropyl more liberally than I already do but the bottle I have (definitely not bucket size) cost a fair bit.
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