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  1. I'm thinking that's the answer I needed. I have an astigmatism and wear correctional lenses for it- so things like color fringing can really bother me sometimes. It's good to get a second opinion. I may have a go at adjusting the convergence rings later on, but for now I'm content enough with the adjustments I've made. Thanks for your time and effort. Happy computing, everyone!
  2. You need pictures, you got pictures. I can take some with a test pattern displayed as well if that would help. So starting with the upper left corner, you can see the fringing near the top corner of the raster, near the apple menu: And then the upper right corner... there seems to be no folding in this image, but it does show the "tilt" to the image... I think: Now we've got the lower left with the red and yellow: Finally, the lower right which shows the blue fringing along the right edge of the raster throughout the lower half of the display: Now I forgot to mention earlier that I can g
  3. Hey there! I feel that it's somewhat lame that my first post to the 68k MLA forums is to ask for assistance, but "it is what it is" I guess. So here's what I've got going on. Earlier this year I was gifted a (1st generation mobo) Macintosh II, along with a 13" AppleColor High-Resoluton monitor. The Monitor is being driven by a Macintosh II video card, with the VRAM upgrade allowing it to display 256 colors. Everything seems to be running nicely and within specification, but there's two issues with the monitor that are driving me somewhat crazy. The first issue is that the raster seems ti
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