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  1. Hey all: Here's some pictures.. I do need to dust a bit, and also, my machine has yellowed a bit over the years. I have also a IIci, that chimes, but doesn't boot. That's about the extent of my old mac collection. I would love to get that IIci working, but I might just pass it to someone who has the time/money to recap the motherboard, as I've heard that is what usually needs to happen to fix those machines. Also, for your collections, do you use the machines? I always have wondered if I should leave it running, run it when i use it, turn it off when no
  2. Hi Folks! I've finally decided to post details about my "vintage" mac setup on the Internet! I say vintage with quotes, as I don't really know if a 9600 would count as vintage... I also don't know if I'd call it a conquest, it's more a collection I've built up starting around late 90s.. It's a little.... Crazy. But I love it! If I can think of one community that would appreciate these specs, I think this one would be it.. I will try to post pictures later on this week, maybe tomorrow after work! For now, take a peek at this: --- BEGIN SETUP DETAILS --- Base System:
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