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  1. Alright , just ordered a new LCD cable for it so ill update here how it goes when I get it And ah I see, is it possible to swap to a colored screen? Or they use a different display cable Lastly, I’ve though about getting a CF card to replace the HDD, this is possible right? I’m unsure what size is the max for these macs Thanks
  2. Also here is the picture of the edge(s) beginning to fade after usage
  3. Sorry if this is in the wrong section but I recently pulled out my PB 540 and decided to try fixing some problems. These are the problems its having: -Screen is cut off on lower part unless putting pressure on it. -LCD Cable has been cut a little -Audio doesn't work -Not sure if this is an issue but the screen begins to fade from all edges to black after a while. I uploaded a picture of the LCD needing pressure to actually work, and the hinge cable being cut. I figured since this is the only cable going to the LCD that maybe the connections to the audio had been cut on the ribbon c
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