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  1. So, an update on this project. I got some more time to re-check things and tried the 0379 Color Pivot LE with my SE/30 Color Pivot card again recently. Here's what I got at first try... but leaving things for a bit of time, I started to notice a bit of a pattern and turning up the brightness/contrast seemed to speed things up... So as it warms up, we get a better picture until perfect after about 5 mins... Thoughts on what the issue is - I presume it's the monitor, not the card? NB: Earlier post with the purple/blue line was the SE/30 Pivot card
  2. Link seems not to work, but I managed to unpick it and I think this is what you were referencing as first hit (among others on a similar thread). https://aronnelson.com/aron/duoTick.html This, like others, identifies C28 as the culprit. Will give it a go. NB: The PowerBook Duo 230 is going well again. Did a strip and reassemble after I noted some comments re importance of one of the screws needing to be in solid to help grounding or something. Working like a champ now. If only the Duo Dock was that easy to get going! Ta
  3. Do you recall what tests you did to fix the error (eg multimeter check on traces etc or are we talking transistor/chip level replacement that got it going)?
  4. Anyone tried to get a DuoDock working lately? I got one that was supposed to be working, but doesn't. Did a basic strip down, everything looks ok, not entirely sure where to start - was going to research what common issues are for the Duo Docks. Separately, my Duo 230 boots for 20-30 seconds then just stops. Sometimes it goes for longer, sometimes shorter. Not sure what is causing that, but see it seems to be common and might be IC/transistor related though the differing cut out seems to suggest heat related (as need to leave it off for 5 mins before I can coax it to boot again).
  5. Any update on this? Looking to do something similar.
  6. Do you mean the "High-Voltage Power Supply" per the Service Source manual, or was it on the DC board or DC power supply? (Haven't been inside the iintx for a while - recall it was quite a disassembly but I went all the way in to check everything as best I could.
  7. I had similar scenario with my NTX. Did replacing the AC power block capacitor fix everything? Where is it located so I can test/replace?
  8. Great work! I'd be interested in getting 8 simms if you do end up making a production run of these. I'm sure here must be some others on here after those SIMMS and have no way of producing their own!
  9. FYI - You can source 3D printed versions of these nowadays, both clear and platinum coloured. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Apple-Macintosh-Color-Colour-Classic-LC575-Mystic-Panel-Laser-Cut-Rear-Cover-/222665321688
  10. Per the LC Series User Manual Macintosh LC Series/ Quadra 605 - tim.id.au there's a few to choose from. You could google for images to get a look at what they look like and whether they'll go with your LC 475: LC and LC II provide built-in support for many monitors, including: • Apple High-Resolution Monochrome Monitor (M0400) • AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor (M0401) Rev 2 (M1297) • Macintosh 12-Inch RGB Display (M1296) • Macintosh 12-Inch Monochrome Display (M0400) • Macintosh Color Display (M1212) • Apple Basic Color Monitor (M9103) LC III, LC 475 and Quadra 605 pr
  11. Update: Fixed. Seems that the DB15->VGA cable I had was a Radius one (might explain the cycling of the LEDs as they have special monitor cable usually). A replacement 'standard' Mac DB15->HD-15 (VGA) I bought has it working fine now.
  12. Very cool. Ordered the parts and thinking what other Macs this would be good to do on (maybe an early laptop?)
  13. I acquired a later revision Apple Multiple Scan 15” Display - Model M2978, Nov 1995. (Ie this one is different to the model (M2943) you commonly see in the Apple manuals by this name, which was originally introduced in mid 1994.) When the monitor powers on, the green LEDs below Horizonal/vertical centre/size indicators cycle from left to right continuously. The monitor's main power LED remains orange, and does not flick over to the ‘on’ green indicator as normally happens when a Mac boots up and sends images to the monitor. Anyone have a manual for this older variant or could tell me wh
  14. Ta, not got one yet, hence was hoping there might be another trick one knows. Was wondering if the Quicktake camera should 'react' in some way when you plug in the low power ac adapter? I guess we're a bit used to Macbooks/iPads making a sound and/or brightening the screen when you plug in the power.
  15. I acquired a Powerbook 140 (tho it has a "145B" stencil inside the case?) with a Macintosh Low power adapter with it. I think the power adapter is non-working (clearly the batter is, but believe this should turn on even with a dead battery inside). How can I test the 7.5V 2.0A adapter? Tried attaching to a Quicktake 100 camera (which takes 7.5V 2.0A) but nothing changes on the small LCD to suggest it is being powered by the mains? Any way to test this without opening it up - any other things it might work on?
  16. I had a similar issue with my CD SC and it turned out to be CD format related. Basically the larger 700MB formatted CD-Roms or CD-Rs did not read (CD-RW never work on some!), but I found that earlier Apple CD-Roms that came with both MacOs 7-9 and Mac OS X formats, loaded ok and did not eject immediately. Can't recall which of those grey Mac CD's it was, but I recall it was a real early disk (maybe a Airport CD Install disk or something?). I then found some commentary that suggested that these earlier Caddy CD drives came out when 650MB CDs were the thing and thus can't read the newer/faster/
  17. Am looking to do the same, here's a US site that has some PRAMs for PDQs it seems (some UK sites sell them too): http://www.usedmac.com/products/powerbook-g3-wall-street-pram-bios-battery Here's a good link on how to disassemble your PDQ (which I used) -A MERE 30 STEPS TO REMOVE THE PRAM!!! https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/PowerBook+G3+Wallstreet+PRAM+Battery+Replacement/11 Finally, a german site with info to help you create your own replacement PRAM - http://www.cubeuser.de/showthread.php?t=2402 In particular, the PDF linked in the second message down (nb: hosted on a ext. storage site
  18. I ordered some from someone on here or at thinkclassic.org website. See https://www.thinkclassic.org/viewtopic.php?pid=8527#p8527
  19. I am after a replacement front bezel for my Macintosh 630CD. I believe either a 63x/64x one will do (nb: don't want any of the PowerPC variants - sticking 68k true on that one).
  20. I managed to get a Radius 0379 (Color Pivot/LE) Monitor a while back now. I got the seller to pack it carefully and ship it to me and while it arrived fine, I was unable to get a proper image with a IIsi Radius card or a SE/30 Color Pivot cards I have. See images below. Any ideas whether the cards or the monitor is likely the problem?
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  22. I can recognise the floppy drive controller and what looks like a Z80 CPM Card, but what's the other one? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/142310976496
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