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  1. Some time ago I picked up a black PowerMac “Directors Edition” 5400/180. It came with a 5500/225 (PCI not PDS) motherboard, a Sonnet Crescendo G3 (7450) L2 400/1M accelerator, a TV/ FM Tuner card, an AV card (820-9745) and what seems to be a ATI IIc and/or ATI RV100 (both come up in System Profiler) card in the raised PCI slot. From looking at everymac.com and other sites it seems the video card might have come from a 6400. Interested to know whether there are better PCI video cards that could go in this to max this out?
  2. Likewise very interested in this project. Hope you manage to get it working. Are those small boards custom, relatively easy to source or originals (retained)?
  3. That site I linked earlier only quotes the below Macs as being compatible, though I also have an Apple Portrait Display hooked up to my IIsi (mine's a M1030, like yours?). While these are often just extracts from Spec sheets at a point in time (ie the IIsi came out in 1990, though the 475 was 1993!!), I wonder if the 4400 is not compatible and the hardware issue might be with your IIsi's video. Have you managed to get another monitor working on the IIsi? ¥ a Macintosh II, IIx or IIci CPU, also Performa 475 ¥ optional a Macintosh II Portrait Display Video Card (M0119)
  4. Interesting as 640x870 is the default resolution (though 75Hz is the correct setting) for the Apple Portrait Displays: https://lowendmac.com/1989/macintosh-portrait-display/ http://web.archive.org/web/20080112161619/http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=4815 See also this article which lists which Macs can use their native video port to run this, otherwise It seems you will need the Macintosh II High Resolution Portrait Display Card http://myoldmac.net/SELL/apple-portraitmoni.htm Watch out for the DB13w3 cables as not all are the same (some for a
  5. Thanks, Can you shoot me Bruce’s details (or better still e-introduce me. I am at timhd@outlook.com) as keen to get the old girl working again. While I am not in a hurry to get it fixed asap, as these are fun pastime projects, I likewise don’t want to ‘try’ and wreck such a rare item as a CE) trying to recap it myself. Ps - If you’re keen to do it, I can wait til your freer or I can see if Bruce is up. After all, once I’ve played with it a while I might be prepared to flick it to you to play with or buy or something as I really jut like getting these old systems and maxing them o
  6. Thanks. Yes, I would say so. Re-assembled again and noticed this time the screen cutting out during booting up, which I presume means not enough power coming through. Anyone in Australia handy enough to replace the caps (looks like 100uf35V caps) as am not handy enough with the replacement techniques and these are rare enough. Alternatively, as the power board is quite small, I'd be prepared to ship to the USA if someone wanted to do the repairs for a fee?
  7. Thanks for the tips @Byrd. I am actually without any battery for this (but am aware PBs don't need them nor PRAM battery to run on AC power). I think the power supply is good as I've run the PB for quite some time doing various reboots and PRAM resets etc and it only seems to crash at the same stage in the startup. Hence I suspect though it at that stage of the startup that the HDD and maybe the display (or whatever else is being pinged - maybe FDD check - at the startup is just sucking down too much power from the power board and it dies - so the most likely culprit is the power board.
  8. I recently acquired a 'cosmetically good' PowerBook 5300ce that had some issues. I've had a few attempts to work through the symptoms using the Service Source and reading other Forum posts, but am having little success getting it up and running and would ask for any further tips you have (short of recapping etc, but appreciate that might be a cause/something needed). The seller acknowledged it had some issues when booting ('occasionally operational' eBay Link) and as such it either gets to (i) Mac Chimes of Death (4/8 chimes); (ii) Restart - Bomb ("Bus Error"?) or (iii) failing to boot (Hard D
  9. TimHD

    PowerBook 5300ce Internal

    Photos from recently acquired PowerBook 5300ce 603e/117Mhz/10.4"/32MB - MotherBoard - Power Board (Top View) - Power Board (Rear View) - Power Board (Side View) - Battery Bay - Video Board
  10. From the album: PowerBook 5300ce Internal

    PowerBook 5300ce Motherboard
  11. @ArmorAlley, I will do that once I confirm the files work fine. It’s the least I could do, given Guido’s already helped me and so that others like me, don’t hit the same problem (I was amazed that 3 of the versions on Macintosh Garden just have a text file in them saying, Oh BTW Disk X is corrupt, but no mention in the title to the file that the set is incomplete!) Thanks again @GuidoB for helping me out.
  12. Does anyone have a complete set of the PaperPort Vx SCSI drivers? https://www.macintoshrepository.org/2558-paperport-vx As per above link, MR has lots of drivers for the Serial (standard) configuration, but I am running mine via a SCSI cable and it needs different drivers. The Repository has 2 lots of PaperPort Vx 3.5 SCSI.sit (StuffIt Archives), but both of these say Disk 3 was corrupt and thus the other 2 .sit files are useless without the missing disk! Does anyone have a working Visioneer Disk 3 with the SCSI drivers that they could create a DiskCopy4.2 i
  13. Any chance the Asante Card is conflicting with the Nubus Pivot? The Asante Maccon manuals talk about the need to swap a jumper to change the address setting when installing them aside Radius Pivots (say in a IIsi). I had this issue on a IIsi I was installing an Asante card with a Radius card. Appreciate that Iici is not the same type (Nubus vs PDS) but could that be a possibility why it not comes up?.
  14. Finally, about there (a minute later, all good and pivoting fine).
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