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  1. Have you considered using the internals of a grey/beige mouse within the black mouse? I had a similar issue with a black mouse that came with the insides broken (considering the actual 5200 was fine, I could live with the mouse only being damaged). I even considered getting a grey/beige ball cover underneath, but I think they are slightly different sized? I have all the pieces, and might have a similar go with super glue if yours continues to hold on…
  2. Nice, is that Unix or something else running (or just z-term or something to one)?
  3. So, what are the specs for 8.24 GC ‘GWorld’ RAM? Are these unobtanium or just not high priority for many?
  4. I’ve made this comment before, but I would be great if we get answers for this query if we could collate somewhere a Capacitor Replacement List (maybe in the Repairs Forum)?
  5. Speaking of which, is there an authoritative guide to finding legit CPUs - esp the 68040 non-LC 40mhz ones? Did I see once that they no longer make them hence it’s about finding old ones and avoiding fakes/screen printed variants that are slower or actually LC chipsets?
  6. Ditto. Certainly for a cache module. Would also help underwrite by committing to getting one or two more complete sets for other Macs of mine. I assume you'd just supply the board (or someone else here who does this) and we'd need to source CPUs?
  7. Is there a matrix of what works/doesn’t, or had the issue been resolved?
  8. Are the ram chips still available for these vintage video cards or do you need to snag the rare expansion kits on eBay to upgrade them? See Apple Service Source manual for video card upgrades attached which doesn’t detail the ram chips required. Video_Cards.pdf
  9. Note: I wonder if the admins could create a Repairs or Recaps forum so that we can collate and capture knowledge like the below before it is lost. https://jbretro.wordpress.com/2019/07/10/m1296-recap/ The aim of this post is to create a reference online of capacitors used in the main and neck board of the Apple 12″ Macintosh Monitor (M1296). Attached is a spreadsheet of capacitor values that has been created by the writer and verified / checked for accuracy and show photos of the recap. This monitor’s design has the front bezel match the curve and width of certai
  10. Yes. It’s an error. See page 24 of the service manual for the error message summary table https://www.applerepairmanuals.com/the_manuals_are_in_here/Color_StyleWriter_2200.pdf
  11. I have one. I think it’s in one of my IIci or se/30s. Pretty sure it didn’t come with a cache card.
  12. Is there a way to get a disk image of your scsi2sd AU/X partition? Been keen to set one up but I see it’s quite a tricky setup process...
  13. Ta. Apparently there's an inside & outside small steel bracket and possibly even a plastic cover. Again, my version seems to pre-date these later models as the manual peaks out at 5400/75 and LC580 options (plus 'Nubus' slot references). I did see some cheap newer kits in the USA for like $5 but the shipping is about $50 plus right now!
  14. If I get the better drivers, do they help with the built in display or only the externals? Am thinking I might get some further partitions on the 20GB hard drive, one for 7.61 (for it's 040 heart - not sure if I boot without the Sonnet extension it falls back?) and possibly also 8.0 (5500/225 603e) - while it's currently configured as a PPC (7450) 9.2.2 (Old World) thanks to the G3 L2 400/1M card. Quite a beast and not bad for something I picked up for under A$100... 8)
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