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  1. Dunno? I'll have to take a look, but I think they're DDR.
  2. Much better! :D :D Though with the extended sig space that is big even for a small sig I might as well expand.
  3. 3 sticks of 1GB SO-DIMMs 3 sticks of DDR, 512MB and 256MB Price: Free The 512MB stick is going into my Grandma's computer to bump it to a total of 1.25GB. The 256 sticks will go into the Athlon machine I have as soon as get a good PSU for it. The SO-DIMMs will go into my closet as I don't have a laptop that uses them. Minor mumble of, "Woot."
  4. I'm not a huge MySQL person but is it possible to have a phpBB2 version of the site sharing the same database? See, this is sort of like Vista, there's naturally work behind it but it still gets griped about. I for one just see no need for all the extra features phpBB 3 has, and it would be nice to see the old theme back, maybe even a possibility for text-only version also.
  5. Yes, is it ever going to be enabled?
  6. It should be extremely easy, when I had a test of phpBB 3 on my server installed it was installed by default, please enable it. Thank you.
  7. yeah, nothing beats silent worktime inside of Word 5.1 on a fanless computer and only the faint noise of a zip drive whirring away.
  8. Yeah I've had enough of this theme, it's annoying the crap out of me now.
  9. I suspect that it would work just fine under Netscape 7 or Wamcom. But seeing as IE5 has problems with everything...
  10. The theme is, I must say, too much? It's ugly compared to subsilver.
  11. On another note I think the logo looks better.
  12. Sorry Bunsen not yet, I hopefully will soon. It's not with me right now.
  13. But OMG I love the keyboard on this thing. It hooks up to the terminal via a phone cable. When I said the terminal can hook to the computer via serial modem I meant the connector is an ordinary phone cable, I doubt it's a modem.
  14. I don't have it with me right now but I will get the model number soon.
  15. A dumb terminal, maybe you guys can tell me what I should do w/ it. It's in mint condition along with the keyboard. Has Serial modem ports and Parallel ports.
  16. MrMacPlus

    The Common

    Awww, mine just failed on me a couple weeks ago.
  17. Is it possible for me to get my name changed to "MrMacPlus"? That's what I go by in the IRC. Thanks.
  18. The screen keeps flickering a brown hue and colors are off. halp?
  19. It also still has the rubber feets still intact, what a steal!
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