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  1. Okay, well, it's conquest time once again, guys. This time at the same college that I've scored: -2x Blue and White G3s (November 2008) -3 various PCs, Athlon processors, only one remains and works (October-November 2008) -Quadra 660av, maxed RAM, later scored a 6gb hard drive for it (September 2008) -Fried eMac, that I scored a Combo drive out of (July 2008) -iMac G3/350 Blueberry, since then thrown away (July 2008) -PowerMac G4/733, my main machine (July 2008) -iMac G3/350 Indigo, my old main machine (July 2007) -Powermac G3 Beige, that I stupidly threw away when I got my iMac (Ju
  2. ...don't fix it. We're not the ones that are changing things in the first place.
  3. No, that's called clutter. No, that's called organization, but whatever. Thanks guys, it really helps alot. /claps sarcastically
  4. Well, I think the NewMLA was a success, it proves that even if there was an off-topic forum away from the 68kmla, nobody would join it. Now, it would be nice if there were forums here for off-topic stuff, not necessarily subforums, so that everything has place instead of being forced into the lounge. Also, I would like to inquire as to why it was even though of as a problem the people were, for example, posting Mac OS X stuff in the Software forum. The entire time I've been a member of these forums it never seemed to be a problem.
  5. ... and is one of the reasons that I like this forum: it's focused. The fact that moderation had to step in and intervene regarding non-68k stuff proves that you are indeed wrong, it isn't focused. However, I have taken the suggestion to start a new forum for off topic stuff, this will prove whether people will actually take time to join another forum for this type of discussion. http://newmla.hostei.com/forums . Well it seems as though macgeek417 was quick to join. Also I'll have to wait for the review to get done, there sure isn't any illegal content on the site.
  6. Neat. The SE really is a nice little machine.
  7. I agree, though it doesn't need to be a sub-forum. It could be a completely new forum in the Community Connections.
  8. Again, don't make them sub-forums of the lounge, make them sub-forums of the forum the forum in question. For example, in the Software forum have a sub-forum called non-68k Software.
  9. Not even that, that's unorganized and doesn't make sense. Just make subforums of existing forums that are for the non-68k counterparts.
  10. All Intel discussion should be in the Lounge. All Intel discussion should be in its own forum. phpBB gives you the option of having multiple forums and I do suggest that that feature be used to keep the lounge from being some hellish cluster of topics, as if it already isn't. I mean, why must you force a conquest into the lounge just because it isn't 68k, it's still a conquest. Likewise, if the admins are going to be this picky, at least have a non-68k conquest forum and a non-68k software forum.
  11. I already said, the "a" key is broken. Also, it is a large keyboard. I need to find out how to fix it.
  12. Actually, this conquest is a few days old, but seeing as there was a bandwidth overflow... I got a filthy Apple Extended Keyboard II, though written on it was " 'A' Key is broken". Regardless, I snagged it, it was free, so I saw no reason not to take it. I cleaned it up, plugged it in, and found that the "a" key, was, in fact, broken. Looks like I'm going to have to fix it, because I love it.
  13. There's also something called a pulsing zombie. Google it.
  14. MrMacPlus

    Pismo 500!

    Very nice. *Blankly stares at dying 3400c*
  15. MrMacPlus


    Oh, snap. Very, very nice. Hopefully it's something simple.
  16. In the php there should be an option to open links in "_blank", that would do the new window deal.
  17. Is that the final solution? Not very funny, at all.
  18. Really? I thought actual, proper data recovery companies (like DriveSavers) actually removed the platters from the drive and retrieved your data from it that way? If it was a mechanical failure they would swap platters. It's easier and safer to swap logic boards if it's a logic board fail.
  19. Nice, hope you have a copy of Photoshop you can install on there (that's what I would use it for)
  20. So what's the verdict? Did you score it?
  21. I have a Quadra 660av (25mhz) and it works fine, not a total speed demon, but meh. I suppose it would go faster if I got an accelerator. My personal favorite vintage Mac that I own is the Plus, because it works flawlessly for me.
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