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  1. I found a slightly higher-res version: http://www.manzzana.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/2204464029_031477491d_b.jpg
  2. I had that happen to a screen when I had some PB1xx systems. If I am not mistaken it is screen rot and is unrepairable.
  3. Well, one of my ideas, for example: Using a Gameboy to emulate a serial LCD (HD44780 or a graphic controller) via the serial port, and also pass button presses. This would be a cheap way to get a display and UI for various microcontroller projects. It should be possible to do that in the 256k of onboard memory so you wouldn't have to use a flash cart. That would be amazing. Someone please do this
  4. Nice score, I got a ][gs back in june but haven't been able to use it (TVs make terrible composite monitors). The one time I did use it, the power supply was making noises.
  5. *rabble rabble rabble* Let's just lock this topic and call it a day.
  6. Make a wiki page and link to that. I might just do that, but I think a new wiki account, new page, text of that page, and a link to the page would take up more database space than an extra few characters in my signature.
  7. Yeah, I don't like this new limit, my sig is about 270 characters and it's already quite compact, what happens when I want to add a machine to the list?
  8. Doom II, but I also have Doom I. If you want to play it with me we can schedule a time.
  9. Convert the keyboard to a dvorak or colemak layout for added originality.
  10. Ooh, I'm gonna play Doom sometime on the retrochallenge server.
  11. Nice find! I have 2 B&Ws but only one is in working order (I stripped the other one for the most part). They really are great computers, especially for free, I got mine at the local college, curb scores are non-existent here AFAIK.
  12. Not exactly sure whether you'd call these unusual but here goes: -Original HP Vectra (PC Semi-compatible from 1985) -An e-Reader for my Gameboy advance (the card reader where you could tediously read a tiny program by scanning around 10 barcodes) -A still-functional (AFAIK) Game Genie for my original Gameboy -A still-functional (AFAIK) Game Genie for my (broken) NES. -All sorts of other peripherals for that old NES including a power pad.
  13. That's still my main keyboard on the Mac mini. I typed out some code updates for my site last evening with it. Well they are small, have missing keys, and the one I have is hard to use as a hub since it requires excessive force to plug anything into it. Otherwise they aren't that bad, I'd just rather be using my pro keyboard.
  14. Today I dropped by the local college with a friend and checked out the free computer stuff (for the *I've lost count* time) and got: -Farallon AAUI to BASE10 ethernet adapter (my second one) -Modem Port to female DB-9 serial. I'm really intrigued by this one, is this essentially a null modem cable or is it something else? -PC-Card to BASE10 ethernet adapter, probably going to use this on the Armada 1750 And for the record my friend found: -a very long ethernet cable -original Apple USB keyboard (the ones that I don't like) -and a fairly large (17"-ish) CRT monitor Not a ter
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