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  1. pzler

    mac classic

    I liberated a mac classic yesterday from a charity store. It's going to serve in my dorm room to write school reports, print out stuff with a stylewriter and a few other things that a compact mac does so much better then my slow bloated wintel-box. It's in good condition so finally a mac that doesn't need fixing. currently runs system 7 from the hard drive and that will be changed to booting from a zip drive with different disks for system 6.0.8 for most stuff and system 7 (not sure what version yet) for a few programs that don't run well on system 6. Booting it from the rom leaves me with
  2. thanks for the advice. i will see if i can track down the service manuals. many of the compacts are broken in some way. i got the se/30 with a broken hard drive. i replaced it with one known to be good but i can't get it to recognise the hard drive. after the replacement the floppy drive started to give me trouble as well. it auto-ejects and injects continuesly and seems to think there is an unformatted write protected floppy in there. i can get it running fine with an external zip drive. but the hard drive and floppy drive don't work. i also have a SE FDHD that works fine a regular
  3. thank you. that will be my second pb100
  4. hello again i decided that i needed to reintroduce myself. i've been a member for a long time (back before the big crash when the old forum was lost) but life had other plans for me for a while and i got side tracked from my most holy and glorious mission of taking in unloved compact macs. i didn't abandon any macs to a cruel fate in the time that i was gone. I even moved some macs from a cruel fate to new and more apreciative owners. I just didn't have any time for the forum. I'm not sure how active i'm going to be from now but i am going to keep an eye on the forum again
  5. i have the screwdrivers and an obsession with compact macs, all the others are a no. i've never really learned anything about electronics, and now that i want to learn i don't know where to start. being able to exchange a hard drive without messing something up would even be an improvement for me. i've looked for books on the subject but they are all about ATA, SATA, USB, IDE thingies that i can't use for my SE/30. i even tried bringing my SE/30 to a store for repairs but they said no and told me to upgrade to an abacus. >
  6. I like computers. They can be great tools and there are no computers i like more then compact macs. (i could try and tell you why but there are so many things i like about them that it would simply take to long) I have a few of them but most are broken in some way. My problem is that i'm a mac user. That means i like to use a computer, i don't like fixing them and trying to figure out what goes where. I tried fixing my macs with mixing result but. I just don't really know what i'm doing when i open a computer case so things go wrong a lot. Does anyone know about good and easy ways to lear
  7. my main and newest mac, a bondi blue 233mhz imac has worked well for me for a long time now. but i decided that i really need to upgrade it if i want to keep it going for a few more years of loyal service. I allready upgraded the ram to some extend, but maybe i will upgrade it further. i have learned how to do this so that isn't a problem. i could use some help with some other questions tho. i want to get a bigger hard drive. the original 4gb drive is just to small and sluggish. can anyone tell me what i need to consider when looking for a new hard drive. i'm a huge noob when it comes
  8. I love IF enough to avoid a burn out (i hope). i can't be 100% sure about the plus but i have a se/30 that has never had any problem with any IF I've tried. I haven't tried to write anything myself however. making a howto for people that want to use IF on a compact does seem like a nice idea however. still... using only my olivetti for a month still seems like more of a challenge. i just don't know how i will keep a journal ]'>
  9. I'm not sure if i will join this year since things went awry for me last time and i can't think of anything that i would like to do at the moment. well i can think of some things but i'm not sure if it really belongs in the retro challenge. One is that for a month i will only use my "olivetti lettera 32" the other is that i will limit my gaming to interactive fiction. let me know what you guys think.
  10. that's a coincidens. i just found a HP ScanJet IIp SCSI scanner and i'm looking for a driver. could you tel me where you found it?
  11. i don't know anything about silverlining but if it's just zip support that your after you should go to http://www.jagshouse.com/zipMacPlus.html there you can download the drivers. all you have to do is put them in your system folder. after that you can use and format zip disks
  12. well i put the imac at my parents house and i use it when i'm staying there, that way i don't have to drag my laptop with me. so it's not my main machine. the things i use it for are a bit of browsing, email, instant messaging, irc and word processing.
  13. hey, my newest mac is a G3 233mhz imac running os X i'm thinking about switching to os 9 to improve the speed. can anyone tell me how much this will increase the speed of my old imac and what things i can't do with os 9 that i can do with os X so that ill know if it is worth the effort.
  14. pzler

    monitor swap

    i am going to replace my se/30's burnt-in screen with a screen from a se. but i'm a bit worried about breaking stuff or doing it wrong does anyone know some good instructions for this?
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